Random thoughts…AGAIN!!!

Here we go…

  1. I’ve been enjoying the Blue Tattoo recording sessions, and the songs are sounding pretty good…but I miss actual rehearsals.  I’m a little worried that we’ll have to (to some extent) re-learn how we play the songs as a band after this.  Maybe we should do an actual rehearsal one of these weeks instead of recording…  Of course, I haven’t shared this feeling with anyone in the band…but still…
  2. I had “Friday I’m in Love” by the Cure stuck in my head all day yesterday.  I meant to go out and buy the “Wish” CD (when I first bought it, I had it on cassette and I’ve never replaced it).  Accidentally spent $40 on weird beers at Friar Tucks (in O’Fallon, MO) instead…so that’s in my fridge.  Super-sorry, Cure.
  3. I don’t like to talk about my job much on the blog anymore because of certain past organizations I’ve worked for using it as an excuse for confrontation (though I don’t think my current bosses are anywhere near that crooked or judgemental)…but I do have to share that there’s one of our clients who promised us lobsters, but has not delivered us those lobsters (for a variety of perfectly reasonable reasons).  And now he’s friends with one of my co-workers on Facebook, and he’s got pictures up of him CATCHING said lobsters on a boat.  Totally bummed me out.  Pity he’s such a nice guy or I’d be mad at him, lol!  (Seriously, we aren’t like OWED the lobsters…but I was looking forward to them.  He’s tried, but it just hasn’t worked out.  It’s just kind of become an inside-joke.)
  4. I’ve recently been informed that my “Out from the Light” record has been missing from Rhapsody.  Not sure for how long…but the people I pay just barely enough to justify calling “my people” are working on it and have promised me an answer this week.
  5. Also, I’ve been informed that when you access me on Rhapsody, they recommend David Cook as an alternative to me.  Let me just qualify that by saying that not only am I not sure what the musical comparison is, but I also wouldn’t lick Simon Cowell’s ass for nearly as long and hard as that guy did…unless I saw some money up-front.
  6. Four quick CD reviews:
    1. The Reverend Horton Heat – “Laughin’ & Cryin'” — Best thing he’s done since “Lucky 13.”  Really good.
    2. Drive-By Truckers – “The Fine Print” — Kind of fun.  Kind of useless.  Only for die-hard fans.
    3. Willie Nelson – “Lost Highway” — Really good.  Love the “Brokeback Mountain” songs.  Always skip the one with that tool Toby Keith.  Proves Willie’s still got it.
    4. Cheap Trick – “Sgt. Pepper Live” — Really faithful to the original (Beatles) record.  Only recording of “She’s Leaving Home” I’ve ever liked.  “Within You, Without You” is still boring.  Definitely worth the money.
  7. I’ve had an off-and-on allergy headache for a few days.  Hoping Fall sets in soon so I can get over it.
  8. I think that if the Democrats and Republicans would actually LISTEN to one another and not just assume the other side’s wrong because of party affiliation alone, we’d get the health-care thing solved.  Both sides have some valid points.  There’s definitely a way to do universal healthcare, but not go too far.  We just need to collaborate rather than just say “NO!” and “YES!”
  9. It gets cool enough in the evenings now that I’m thinking about firing up one of my pipes for a nice, relaxing hour of tamping and re-lighting.  It’s been probably 6 months since my last pipe, by the way…and I didn’t reveal (and even lied about it) to my blog readers and/or most people that I’d been smoking a few cigarettes now and again for some time (I was stressed at work at the time…super-sorry)…but I’ve not had a cigarette since June 19, either and managed to I stop cold-turkey without killing anyone.  But yeah…thinking about digging out a pipe.
  10. I haven’t seen a dentist yet.  I’ve been wanting to, but my health-coverage didn’t start until the start of this month, and I still haven’t gotten my card in the mail (I blame my postman, not my office).  Hopefully soon.
  11. I had one of the best Prime Ribs I’ve ever had in my life at the Longhorn Steakhouse near my house.  You might want to eat that.  Medium-rare…that’s what to ask for…
  12. Why are all kids afraid of the basement?  Come to think of it…I’m 29 and I’m still afraid of the damn basement.  Why is that?
  13. I kind of want chicken wings…but…don’t want to drive…  It’s a pickle.
  14. Hang on.  Gotta pee.
  15. Returned from peeing.
  16. I’ve often wondered if I could keep a job if I acted completely normal, came in every day, produced good work, and ALWAYS took the company line…but did it all in a foil hat.
  17. My niece Tessa has upgraded me from “Do-Do” to “Der-Der.”  Slight improvement…but still makes me sound stupid.  Hoping to graduate to “Derk” by the time she’s 2.
  18. I drove by a church that I’ve always known to have a cemetary right next to it.  But as I drove by this time, I didn’t see the cemetary.  Instead, I saw a parking lot.  There’s just something wrong about that.  Dare I say, it seems somehow unholy.
  19. Anyone know a cheap place I can get some sunglasses made?  I’d need a prescription pair.  The place I normally go is a little pricey and doesn’t seem to want to give me the size of glasses I’d want in sunglasses.  Looking to spend as little as possible.  Any suggestions?


…and that’ll do…