What Do I Do?

A couple of people have asked me what my job is like in recent weeks.  Following is a brief example of what I do all day.  Please note that this is NOT a real insurance claim.  That’d be privileged information.  This is just the format I use to note files.


Rec’d IA Report/Invoice from CAC 9/2/09.  Uploaded to CI.  Fwd’d invoice to VL.

Rept contains est, pr, pics, insd/clmnt stmnts and IA recommends closure.  IA is seeking direction on obtaining a PD release.  OpCV is seeking rental.  Alerting HA.

***Repeat about 50-100x daily***


…and that’s pretty much it.  If you understood that, you’re probably in the industry.  If not, you’re probably either not in the industry, or you’re terrible at your job.  The thing is, I actually probably don’t abbreviate enough…which is kind of scary to think about.


We also start talking about lunch no later than 10:30, which sometimes brings work to a standstill until we figure out where to go…but that’s kind of an aside to the actual job.




3 Records Listened to in the office 9/2/09:

  • Michael Penn – Live radio EP from the “Mr. Hollywood Jr.” re-release.
  • Tree by Leaf – “Postcard from Rome”
  • Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend present “In the Attic”

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