John Hughes Died…

Apparently he died on Thursday, and I didn’t hear about it until just a few minutes ago.  It’s kind of shocking.  I’m not going to say it depressed me to hear or anything like that…but wow.  John Hughes.  Didn’t see that coming.


Here’s a list of his movies I’ve seen.  He didn’t DIRECT all of them, but he was involved in all of these on some level, be it writer, director, or producer.


  • Mr. Mom
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation
  • Sixteen Candles
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Weird Science
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Uncle Buck
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Home Alone
  • Dutch
  • Beethoven
  • Home Alone 2


I guess I’m a pretty big fan.  In fact, looking at that list…I’m not sure there’s anyone whose work I’ve seen MORE of, now that I think about it.  (And “Dutch” was HIGHLY under-rated!)


Rest in peace, John.  We won’t forget about you.  (What?  I’m not allowed ONE cheesy “Breakfast Club” reference?  Come on…a man just died!)




Current Listening:

  • Blue Tattoo Mixes…I keep going back and forth on it.  I’m WAY more paranoid about this project, because I have to please the other three guys and not just myself.  I have it to where I like it, I think…hopefully they will too.

Random Again

Here’s a random list of stuff I’ve been doing/thinking…


  1. Got tickets to see Leonard Cohen at the Fox in November.  My friend Dave (who played drums on the “Out from the Light” record—still available on iTunes, etc…) and I are going.  Really looking forward to it!
  2. Working on Blue Tattoo mixes.  I thought I was getting close, but then I ended up hating it.  That always happens to me…I saw it coming…  So now, I’m trying a really DRY mix, which is kind of the opposite of what I WAS doing.  I’m sure it’ll flesh out a little…some reverb here….some compressing there…but maybe “dry” is the answer.  Dunno…and a lot of you probably don’t know what I’m talking about anyway…
  3. I’m just a few days away from having insurance at work!  Yay!!!  Dentist, here I come!!!  (Note to self…find a dentist…)
  4. Work’s been going well, I think.  We’ve been kind of busy lately (which is good).  Sometimes it’s a lot of fun.  Sometimes it’s stressful trying to get everything done in time.  All in all, it’s a good job.  Don’t have much to complain about—which is kind of a rarity in my life, in case you haven’t noticed.
  5. Been watching a lot of “Columbo” lately.  I’ll tell you this…there are a BUNCH of opportunities to make “Peter Falk has a glass eye” jokes that pop up in day-to-day life…but so few people know what you’re talking about.
  6. If I have anywhere to go for Halloween this year, I think I’m going to go as Rorschach (from the Watchmen comic/movie) WITHOUT his mask.  See if anyone gets it.  That…or Dr. Venture from the Venture Brothers…
  7. How sad is it that I mainly look forward to the weekend not for the party-potential, but because I know I’ll get a lot of sleep on Saturday?  Guess that’s a sign of getting old, huh?  Not that 29’s old, exactly…it’s just one of those ages that SOUNDS old to a high school student…but it is GETTING old.  I’m creeping up on old…and my want for a nap and an ever-increasing desire to sit around without pants is the proof in the pudding.
  8. Great…now I want pudding…
  9. Yeah…I think that resonator from a few posts ago is going to be my next guitar…  Not necessarily any time soon, but eventually.


…and that’s it for now.  Got some other stuff to talk about, but I think it’s more like “full post” stuff…so we’ll tackle that later.


Current Watching:

  • Star Trek: TNG – In this one the guy that was Max Headroom in the 80s plays a time-traveller.

I Just Found Out…

…that it’s National Breast Feeding Week.


[Insert any number of really tasteless jokes here…]


Okay…now that we’ve got that out of our systems…


All I have to say about it is that I hope there are at least a FEW organizations that talk about modesty in breastfeeding.  I mean, yes…it’s a beautiful, natural thing…but, ladies, let’s not forget the nature of men.  You can’t just go flinging those things around out in the open and expect us not to take a look.  Baby or no baby, to a man, a bare breast is good news.  So, while you’re busy sitting in the mall doing this beautiful, natural thing…just try to keep in mind that the guy over at the Pretzel Hut is thinking very UNnatural things about you.




Current Reading:

  • Found a book I forgot I had about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.  Looks pretty good.  I’ve stashed it in my briefcase for reading during lunch.  I figure there’s a Blue Tattoo song in there someplace!  🙂

Guitar Stuff I Still Want…

Okay.  I’ve got a ridiculous amount of guitars.  Along with that, I’ve got amps and effects to spare.  There’s little else I “need” these days…but there are a few things I WANT.  So here’s the short list of stuff I haven’t picked up yet, that I would like to add to my collection.


  1. A nylon string (“classical”) guitar.  Somehow, I’ve never bought a nylon string one.  I meant to this weekend, but I accidentally bought a Stratacoustic instead.  Oops…
  2. A resonator.  It’s a specific type of guitar.  Kind of like playing a guitar that has a trash-can lid attached to it.  Metallic sounding and twangy.  There are tons of them out there…but this one intrigues me most, I think:
  3. 502_2

  4. An acoustic amp.  Just a small one.  Like a $100 model.  Something to use as a reference monitor and maybe plug into something bigger.  Nothing flashy…just a cheap amp.
  5. A Telecaster.  I’ve played a Strat for years, and I love it…but nothing compares to the jangle of a Tele. 
  6. Maybe a Les Paul…I’ve never owned one.  Been wondering what all the fuss is about.
  7. A Pedal Steel.  I don’t even know if I can play it…but come on.  How cool would it be if I could?  Just to get that beautiful whine and whimper that only a pedal steel can provide…only problem is that to get a decent one, it’s about a $3000 plunge.  I’m just not there…yet.
  8. And speaking of $3000 plunges…I think that when I turn 30—next year—I’m going to buy a really nice guitar.  I’ve got a couple in the $1000 range…but I think I’ll buy one—JUST ONE—in the $3000 range when I hit the big 3-0.  Maybe the Reverend Horton Heat signature Gretsch…or maybe the Pete Townshend signature Gibson…or a Martin D28…or the David Gilmour signature Strat…  I don’t know.  But if I live to see 30, I think I deserve SOMETHING…after all, I always used to tell people that I planned on dying at the age of 25.  So far, I’ve outlived myself.  I deserve something cool every 5-or-so years!  🙂


…and then I’m DONE.  Uhh…again!  🙂




Current Listening:

  • Still Leonard Cohen.  The guy’s just a genius.  I’m trying to find a volunteer to go see him with me in November.  My friend Dave might be in, but it’s like $40 to see an act he only kind of knows…I’d feel a little bad forcing him to go to it, ha ha.