Random #2

Here’s some more stuff I’ve been meaning to address…enjoy!


  1. Okay…  I’ve addressed this on the blog before, but it seems to be getting worse and worse. 
    • A – If you ride a bicycle, you’re a cyclist, NOT A BIKER. 
    • B – You do NOT always have the right of way. 
    • C – You DO have to stop at stop-signs/lights. 
    • D – You belong on a bike trail, not on a city street. 
    • E – You should NEVER be in the middle of the lane. 
    • F – You’re supposed to WALK your bike through the intersection. 
    • G – I’m encased in steel and you’re NOT. 
    • H – F*** YOU!!!
  2. I don’t really get the purpose of orchestra conductors.  I mean, yes they’re useful during the rehearsals…but a metronome or a guy tapping his foot would suffice to get the group started at the performance.  When I was in orchestras, I pretty much never looked at the conductor, instead focusing on the music.  I’ve never understood why they get the majority of the applause at the shows.
  3. I mentioned this on Facebook, but I don’t think I said it here.  I don’t ever want to hear or read anyone my own age (or younger) using the word “Hubby” ever again.  He is your husband.  Call him that.  I’m going to have to insist that you stop talking like you’re a friend of my grandmother’s.
  4. Listening to a book on tape is NOT READING.
  5. A brief summation of The Summer of Death (so far):
    • Billy Mays
    • Gale Storm
    • Farrah Fawcett
    • Michael Jackson
    • Ed McMahon
    • Mitsuharu Misawa
    • The Taco Bell Dog
    • Frank McCourt
    • Walter Cronkite
    • Les Paul
    • John Hughes
  6. Think I’m going to try to get together with Mike Feldman to play some acoustic stuff soon.  No gigs…just jamming.  It’s kind of nice to do that once in a while.


…and that’s all for now…I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to be at my brother’s place by 7:30.


The three records on my iPod during work today:

  • Mark Lanegan – Field Songs
  • Centro-matic – Fort Recovery
  • Frank Black and the Catholics – Show Me Your Tears

Random #1

I’ve not had a lot to say that’s been worth a full post.  I know, I know…  “When has ANYTHING you’ve written been worth a full post, Derek?”  My response: “Whatever…you read it anyway.”  🙂


Anyhoo…I’m going to just do a series of “random” posts.  I figure that’s better than nothing.


  1. Did some more recording with Blue Tattoo.  The other guys’ work is sounding really good.  I haven’t done many of my own tracks on the new stuff yet.  I’ll probably try to tackle some of that this weekend.  But the other guys are really doing well.  I’ve been particularly pleased with how well Johnny’s drumming has been flowing lately.  This thing’s been seeming almost effortless lately, for me—which is really rewarding.  (Dunno how the other guys feel about it, but that’s how I feel).
  2. I’ve been a little behind at work this week.  I lost a couple of hours on Monday (long, dull story) and in what I do, that’s kinda tough.  I THINK I might get caught up tomorrow…but it’s been tough this week to get back on pace.  Fortunately, I like working there and the office mood has been high and light…which brings me to…
  3. On Wednesday the bosses bought us all lunch.  That was pretty cool.  We went to Pappy’s Smokehouse (again), which has VERY quickly become my favorite eatery in St. Louis.  I had a pulled pork sandwich from there a couple of weeks ago that made me very literally moan!  My office watched a man fall in love with a sandwich that day.  Yesterday I had the beef brisket.  Not quite as good, but still pretty awesome.  Next time…ribs.  Check out Pappy’s if you’re ever in the area.  It’s SOOOOOO worth it!
  4. I missed the Over the Rhine show at Blueberry Hill tonight.  Wanted to go, but it’s been an expensive month…had to cut back somewhere.  Kinda regret it, but at least I don’t have buyer’s remorse.
  5. Speaking of buyer’s remorse…  My Les Paul is AWESOME!  It’s got a huge tone and I totally see why people have raved about them for like 50 years.  (Someone asked, because the picture I posted before is kind of dark…so in case you couldn’t make it out, it’s wine red with gold hardware.)  So now I have a Gretsch, a Strat, and a Paul…gonna have to cart all three to every gig, just for the sake of looking awesome.  I also am going to have to take a picture of me with all three.  Now…if I could just get that Telecaster…  (It never ends…)
  6. Baseball has TWICE robbed me of Star Trek this week.  As a nerd, I take exception to that.
  7. Just a reminder…Fisher Stevens played Ben in “Short Circuit” and “Short Circuit 2.”  That’s right.  They slapped a bunch of makeup on him and had him do a really offensive Indian accent…and there you go…  Also, he did a Columbo in the 80s.
  8. I was brushing my teeth last night and I accidentally brushed too fast and went back too far and bruised the back of my mouth on the left side.  That sucks.  Now my jaw hurts a little.  FYI — Good pain-relief for something like that…suck on a bag of Black Tea (I prefer Earl Gray, personally).
  9. My friend Larry’s going through some stuff right now.  I shouldn’t talk about it…mostly because it’s none of my damn business…but if he reads this, just wanted to say I’m sorry things suck a little right now, and hang in there, Larry.
  10. Turns out that I love bagels.  Especially Asiago Cheese bagels.  I did not know that about myself until very recently.
  11. Been a lot of rain lately, which I like…but it’s been the dangerous kind, which I don’t like so much.  Illinois has been hit harder than we have (as usual, for some reason)…but there’ve been a couple of intense storms in STL lately.  Wish we could have the rain—even the HEAVY rain—but skip over the tornadoes.


That’s it for now…more soon.


Current Listening:

  • Every day I put three records into a playlist on my iPod and listen to them over and over again at work.  That makes time move in weird ways.  Like you’ll hear a song and think “I know where that is in the record…I haven’t been working that long…” …but BULLSHIT!  You’ve been at work for six hours, the CD just looped around again.  That’s a good distraction when you’ve got a lot of work to do.  Today it was The Who’s “Quadrophenia,” Ray Davies’ “Working Man’s Cafe,” and Hank Williams III’s “Lovesick, Broke, and Driftin.'”  Tomorrow, I’m thinking a full-on country mix.

Good News, Bad News

Good News: Both Dave and Johnny liked the mix I did of the Blue Tattoo Songs—though it’s a little boomy.

Bad News: Forgot to give Chris his copy.


Good News: Work’s still going really well.

Bad News: Getting a little frustrated with the idiots on the road during my commute.


Good News: I’ll have insurance in like six days.

Bad News: I’ll almost immediately be paying my deductible on seeing a dentist.


Good News: One of our clients bought us lunch today.

Bad News: I had no Tupperware in which to bring home leftovers.


Good News: Gonna watch some Columbo.

Bad News: Presently not watching Columbo.


Good News: Eating chips and salsa…

Bad News: …in place of dinner.


Good News: Obama seems to have the majority of people on his side with the health-care thing.

Bad News: Those who AREN’T on his side are as pissy about it as I was about pretty much anything Bush did.


Good News: New releases from Cheap Trick (Record), David Bowie (Storytellers), and the guys behind Spinal Tap (DVD).

Bad News: That’s gonna cost me…


Good News: New movie from Peter Jackson looks kinda good.

Bad News: He only PRODUCED…


Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Bad News: The Music of Jesus Jones


Good News: Won a pocket-watch on eBay about a week and a half ago.

Bad News: Shipping was listed as taking “between 7 and 22 days,” so it’s not here yet.




Misplaced anger:

Attention baseball fans… STOP calling every other St. Louis Cardinal by their last name while calling Pujols “Albert,” like you ****ing KNOW him.  You sound like idiots.

Short Update…

I’ve just finished the last test-mix before I give out CDs of the five songs we’ve already recorded to the other guys in Blue Tattoo.  It’s not necessarily the finished product.  In fact, I can virtually GUARANTEE that it’s not the finished product.  I’m sure things will have to be tweaked.  Maybe a thing or two re-recorded.  (I know I want to redo at least one of my vocal tracks, and I think Dave might, too—which I don’t mean as a criticism.)  Plus, it’s missing some background vocals, etc…but it’s a decent test-mix to see if the other guys like the direction I’m heading.  Fingers crossed…


In case you’re wondering, we’ve recorded the following titles so far: “One More Shot,” “Bitterman,” “Fightin’ Drunk (All Along),” “Poor Roger,” and “Sister Myrtle.”  If you recognize those titles, you’re quite a fan.  And maybe a little creepy for knowing so much about us at this stage in the game…but thanks!


Other than that, the most interesting thing that’s happened lately was that a shelf at the office that held our servers collapsed and nearly killed Kris in the process…but he lived.  No biggie.  And we were only down for about an hour because Kris is awesome at fixing things like that.  Then we had Chinese food.


Otherwise…par for the course…and I need to get some sleep…so I’m going to work on that now.