Rest in Peace, Teddy

Apologies in advance to my Republican friends for a couple of the pot-shots in this post.  Try not to take it personally.  I’m jus talkin’ ’bout Ted…


By now, you’ve probably heard that Edward “Ted/Teddy” Kennedy died.  He’s the Kennedy that outlived the curse.  Sure, there was the Chappaquiddick thing…but nonetheless…he lived to the age of 77 and worked pretty much his entire adult life in politics.  He was the one that survived.  The one no bullet would pierce.  He even won the fight against cancer for longer than doctors imagined he would…but cancer’s a mean, dirty, miserable bastard.


I don’t have a ton of real memories about Ted Kennedy.  I can think of very little he did in my lifetime that I think was very monumental—other than being one of the few Democrats with enough balls to VOCALLY object to this stupid war we’re still stuck in…  But still…I can’t remember when there wasn’t a Ted Kennedy in the news.  I just read that he’s helped to author 300 bills that became law.  That’s a lot.


This is how I’m going to remember Ted Kennedy…  When I heard he died, it was the first image in my mind.


Lovingly stolen from some guy whose images showed up on Google.

That’s from the Inauguration ceremonies of President Barack Hussein Obama (I’ve decided to start using his middle name, since Republicans do it too—I’m taking it back).  He looked good that day.  He looked happy.  And as Chris Matthews put it, “That’s a hell of a hat on that guy!”  It was good to see him look like that.  Later that day, he had a seizure that put a damper on the day…but fortunately, the Teddy we saw on TV looked great.  And this is the guy I’m going to remember for the rest of the time there’s space in my brain for him.


Ted…I’m glad we got a Democrat in there for you before you went out.  You outlived a lot.  Family…friends…you even lived down the Chappaquiddick incident in most people’s minds (I mentioned it earlier and had to remind people of what happened—including people who were alive, cognisant, and REPUBLICAN at the time).  With how you lived your life in the Senate, the fact that you survived the Bush Administration is nothing short of astounding…but you made it.  You saw history take place in the first Black President being elected.  And you even got to help out in his administration a little bit before moving on to the next world.  Congratulations, Ted.  It was a hell of a run, in a hell of a hat.

A Few Follow-Ups…

Just a few points of follow-up to my recent posts…


  1. Apparently, a lot of people know Fisher Stevens better as “Oh, THAT guy!”  So here’s a couple of pics from the Interwebs to help those who had no idea who I was talking about.fisherstevens413px-FisherStevens07TIFF
  2. Also re: Fisher…  Apparently India was pretty pissed about him being cast in Short Circuit.  They banned him from visiting the country for 20 years.  The ban was lifted in June.
  3.  Still sick…  Laid down to let my sinuses drain and fell asleep.  Woke up at 9:00 p.m. and thought it was 9:00 tomorrow morning.
  4. I can’t stop reading Texts from Last Night.  NSFW.  Seriously…think twice before going there.  And curse you for introducing me to it, Dave!
  5. Apparently I was super-excited about the MDA Telethon coming up at work last week.  When I walked in on Monday, Christine asked me if I enjoyed the telethon this weekend…but the telethon doesn’t happen until Labor Day.  I was just talking about it a lot on Friday, I guess.  New low?
  6. Cancelled practice/recording tonight because of being sick.  Drummer insulted me via text message.  Seems about right.
  7. In case you don’t read the comments, my brother confirmed–kinda–that “Pink Panther Strikes Again” was at least probably also the name of the play he was in.


I think that’ll do it…I’ve got some other stuff to write about now, I think…so we’ll get a little less random here, shortly.


Three records I listened to during work 8/25:

  • Aimee Mann – “The Forgotten Arm”
  • Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – “Believe”
  • Hayes Carll – “Trouble in Mind”