Just one more thing, miss…

So…I’ve been on a quest to see every “Columbo” over the past probably year.  I was Googling to find out who one of the actresses was in a 80’s episode of the show and found out that she is now Falk’s wife.  Then I found out the really depressing news that Falk is suffering from dementia and probable Alzheimer’s…and that he no longer remembers his role as Columbo…and that’s he’s terribly ill and possibly dying.


…so that sucks.  And yes, I AM tempted to make a “He should’ve written it down in his notebook” joke.


But seriously, that actually kind of bummed me out.  I like Peter Falk a lot.  He was one of the first actors I ever became a fan of, alongside Jack Lemmon and (to an extent) Tony Curtis in “The Great Race.”  Let’s face it…Curtis was okay, but that movie only had legs because of Professor Fate (Lemmon) and Max (Falk).  Also Natalie Wood was kinda hot…but she’s super-dead now, so that’s just uncomfortable to think about.


So…that’s a sad day waiting to happen…




In other news, I’m getting sick.  The right side of my sinuses hurt (hurts?) when I swallow.  Throat, nose and ear.  That’s irritating.  Hopefully it doesn’t get too much worse.  I don’t like that kind of sick…I’d rather be “all I want to do is sleep” sick…the kind that isn’t painful, but where you do lose days.  I don’t dig the painful, “hope my throat doesn’t swell up” sick.  That sucks.


…but not as much as Peter Falk not remembering being Columbo…that’s just depressing.

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