Random #3

Still got nothing worth focusing on…so let’s do this thing…


  1. Tried to post yesterday, but couldn’t get WordPress to load for some reason.  Dunno if it was them or me…
  2. Sprayed for spiders yesterday.  Don’t know if I killed any of them, but I sure was coughing.
  3. I missed Karl Malden and Steve McNair in the “Summer of Death” list.  Super-sorry to Malden…and double-sorry to McNair for not knowing who he was until someone told me I missed him.
  4. I accidentally popped a tuner off one of my guitars today.  I was standing up and tuning and decided to walk across the room for some reason…then I tripped and popped it right off of there (with nothing but the MIGHT AND POWER of my bare hand!!!).  Gonna have to shell out $60 for the replacement tuners…but at least it’s an easy fix and it given me an excuse to buy some strap locks, too.
  5. Anyone else a little freaked out by those “Residue is Evil” commercials?  No?  Just me?
  6. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately at work.  Not sure why…I mean the coffee is RIGHT THERE and I don’t have to dip anything in it…but I’ve been opting for tea lately.  Weird.
  7. The MDA Telethon is right around the corner.  Expect a full post about that when it gets a little closer.  It’s probably going to be extra sad this year, since Ed McMahon just died.  We run a pretty good chance of Jerry Lewis screaming at America about the low numbers again.  I always enjoy that.  🙂
  8. Every now and again, I’m haunted by the idea that I’m forgetting to take something to work with me or that I’m not sure what project I’m supposed to be tackling in the morning…but then I realize that I’m thinking about my OLD job, where I was stressed out all the time.  Then I usually breathe a sigh of relief.
  9. We’re down to just the really difficult stuff in the Blue Tattoo recordings.  There are three songs I’ve not done scratch-tracks for yet…and they’re the tricky ones.  I’m kind of sweating them…and I need to get the scratch-tracks done by Tuesday.  Yikes.  Why didn’t I work on that today?!?
  10. Why is it that a single, chunky, bearded, 30-ish guy can’t say “cute kid” without it coming across creepy?
  11. Speaking of kids…  By all accounts, my niece has been trying to say, “Derek” (at her parents’ prompting), and it’s coming out “Do-Do.”  (Like the extinct bird…not the verb.)  Kind of mean-spirited, I’d say.  What’d I ever do to her?!? 
  12. …if any of you start calling me “Do-Do,” I’ll make it my business to vote Sarah Palin into office in 2012.  Yeah.  I’m that serious about it.  Just TRY me, America.
  13. I had a sandwich from Bread Company (Panera to those of you outside of STL) for the first time in a long time.  Really good…but I forgot how much that costs.  Yikes.
  14. I think I’m going to go to bed soon…not because I’m tired, but because I’m bored.  We’ll see how that goes.
  15. That place where I bruised my mouth with my toothbrush feels a lot better.


…and that’s it…maybe I’ll at least pick a THEME or something for next time…


Current Watching:

  • The Pink Panther Strikes Again.  It’s on BBC America.  This is one of the GOOD ones in the series!  Plus, my brother was in a play in high-school that borrowed heavily from this movie.  I don’t think it was actually “Strikes Again…” but I know it had the hunch-back thing in it.  Do you recall the title, Dave?

6 thoughts on “Random #3”

  1. To the best of my recollection that is the title of the play as well. I actually saw that title while flippin’ them channels on the DVR the other night. I said “Hey, I was in that!” and then watched something else.

  2. so… since i’m finally back in St Louis for a reasonable amount of time, and i’m finally 21 (!!), you should tell me when you’re playing somewhere live (either you or BT or w/e) so I can come see for myself. yeah? okay, yeah.

    1. Will do…as soon as I get a gig somewhere…which have been few lately, due to Blue Tattoo’s recording/hiatus and my own laziness in booking solo shows…but when/if it happens, you’ll be among the first to know!

      …also, where in STL are you?

  3. i’m bouncing around between people who’ll let me stay for a few days here and a few days there. most of my stuff is in Jacksonville, IL, at the house of a friend – but it’s too far to commute every single day. so, i’m here and working and going to school at UMSL and sleeping wherever for a few hours each night…
    i went to the SLCC library for the first time since you stopped working there. and it was strangely different.

    1. Ah, the great couch-surf. You only get to do that in you 20s (hopefully). Enjoy it while it lasts. (I actually kind of mean that…)

      I walked into the Library not too long ago to drop off some stuff I had that was SLCC’s. It was weird. Thanks for missing me. 🙂

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