Good News, Bad News

Good News: Both Dave and Johnny liked the mix I did of the Blue Tattoo Songs—though it’s a little boomy.

Bad News: Forgot to give Chris his copy.


Good News: Work’s still going really well.

Bad News: Getting a little frustrated with the idiots on the road during my commute.


Good News: I’ll have insurance in like six days.

Bad News: I’ll almost immediately be paying my deductible on seeing a dentist.


Good News: One of our clients bought us lunch today.

Bad News: I had no Tupperware in which to bring home leftovers.


Good News: Gonna watch some Columbo.

Bad News: Presently not watching Columbo.


Good News: Eating chips and salsa…

Bad News: …in place of dinner.


Good News: Obama seems to have the majority of people on his side with the health-care thing.

Bad News: Those who AREN’T on his side are as pissy about it as I was about pretty much anything Bush did.


Good News: New releases from Cheap Trick (Record), David Bowie (Storytellers), and the guys behind Spinal Tap (DVD).

Bad News: That’s gonna cost me…


Good News: New movie from Peter Jackson looks kinda good.

Bad News: He only PRODUCED…


Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Bad News: The Music of Jesus Jones


Good News: Won a pocket-watch on eBay about a week and a half ago.

Bad News: Shipping was listed as taking “between 7 and 22 days,” so it’s not here yet.




Misplaced anger:

Attention baseball fans… STOP calling every other St. Louis Cardinal by their last name while calling Pujols “Albert,” like you ****ing KNOW him.  You sound like idiots.

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