Short Update…

I’ve just finished the last test-mix before I give out CDs of the five songs we’ve already recorded to the other guys in Blue Tattoo.  It’s not necessarily the finished product.  In fact, I can virtually GUARANTEE that it’s not the finished product.  I’m sure things will have to be tweaked.  Maybe a thing or two re-recorded.  (I know I want to redo at least one of my vocal tracks, and I think Dave might, too—which I don’t mean as a criticism.)  Plus, it’s missing some background vocals, etc…but it’s a decent test-mix to see if the other guys like the direction I’m heading.  Fingers crossed…


In case you’re wondering, we’ve recorded the following titles so far: “One More Shot,” “Bitterman,” “Fightin’ Drunk (All Along),” “Poor Roger,” and “Sister Myrtle.”  If you recognize those titles, you’re quite a fan.  And maybe a little creepy for knowing so much about us at this stage in the game…but thanks!


Other than that, the most interesting thing that’s happened lately was that a shelf at the office that held our servers collapsed and nearly killed Kris in the process…but he lived.  No biggie.  And we were only down for about an hour because Kris is awesome at fixing things like that.  Then we had Chinese food.


Otherwise…par for the course…and I need to get some sleep…so I’m going to work on that now.




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