Wedding Day Stuff…

I performed a wedding about six-and-a-half hours ago.  John and Julie now have the same last name—or WILL once she signs the legal papers at the government offices or where-ever you do that.  Congratulations to them!


The wedding went pretty well.  The DJ brought a big, bulky, hand-held microphone and didn’t provide a stand.  I had to manuver that, my notebook with the notes in it (which was a manuscript—first time I’ve ever used a full manuscript—because it was being translated for the deaf, and the person translating needed it in advance), and at the specific point in the service, also the rings.  It was a little difficult.  I was expecting a lapel mic.  …but basically, everyone said yes when they were supposed to and no one did anything very weird…so it was good.


The reception was pretty good too.  I noticed that one man was wearing the same suit I was wearing.  Weird.  Weirder, though, was the quintessential 80s guy who was there.  Shiny, light grey suit.  Swayze hair.  Shirt unbuttoned down about three buttons.  I kept expecting him to do the Footloose dance…or start talking about Reaganomics (which I think time has proven was just as stupid in practice as it was in name, by the way). 


At one point, someone called Angela joined our table, because she didn’t really fit in at the one she was at previously.  She was pretty.  She was single.  She sat by me.  She touched my leg (intentionally) twice.  She mentioned a couple of times that she’s a Christian…  I thought, “There may be something here…”  But, as the hour she was seated by me wore on, she also revealed the following pieces of information.


  1. She has two kids.
  2. She’s a gym teacher.
  3. She’s a Republican.
  4. She used to be in the army.
  5. She likes Merlot.


Okay…any two of these things together might be manageable.  Any three—we’d fight a lot, but it might work…but there was no hope here.  Let’s do this in order… 

  1. I don’t really want kids.  Even if I did, I’m not really too keen on moving in on someone ELSE’S kids. 
  2. I can’t do a pull-up, and I might not be able to pull off a sit-up anymore, either. 
  3. We all know where I stand politically (ie- the completely unnecessary shot at Reagan above), so let’s not even talk about that. 
  4. Now…I don’t have anything against the troops exactly, but I’ve never really met one I’d want to date, either.  There’s a particular mindset of those who voluntarily join the military—and I can deal with that mindset in a FRIENDSHIP…but I don’t want to date it.
  5. …but come on…  Merlot?  MERLOT?!?  I’m not drinking any ****ing Merlot!  (That was from “Sideways.”  Heh.)


Moving on…


Probably the coolest part of the reception (other than the Prime Rib) was seeing Johnny’s brother do the dance from “Thriller.”  The music started up and, what with my feelings toward Michael Jackson, I was thinking, “Ugh…”  But then Johnny and his brothers started doing the zombie dance from the video.  Now, I’ve seen a million people do that dance at weddings—usually pretty passably.  But Johnny’s brother was DEAD ON.  And here’s the kicker…  Johnny’s brother is deaf.  He was on beat.  He was in time.  He was excellent.  I don’t quite understand how he did it (and I hope I’m not coming across in any way unkind in my ignorance)…but it was awesome.  And it was really touching to see Johnny hug him after he was done.


All in all a good day.  John and Julie are good together.  I’m happy for them, and I’m proud of them…but I’m still a little pissed that I had to pay to park when the invitation said parking was free…




In other news…  I somehow did not see “Watchmen” when it was in the theatre.  I was excited about it.  I planned on it.  And I missed it.  So I bought the extra-long Director’s Cut this week.  Watched it last night.  It’s pretty good, and pretty faithful to the comic.  They changed the ending…but I thought the ending in the comic SUCKED anyway.  The movie ending is a massive improvement, if you ask me. 


The only real problem is that if you haven’t read the book, you’re going to have to watch the movie twice.  It’s so densely layered that you’re just not going to know what the hell is happening the first time.  If you’re going to watch it for the first time, either read the comic, then watch it…or watch it, get horribly confused, and watch it again the next night.  If you can follow it, it’s pretty good…but if you can’t, just watch it again…and remember that you’re watching a COMIC BOOK movie, so not all of it is going to feel “real.”  (Although, I will be the FIRST to say that the makeup crew did a HORRIBLE job on the old-lady makeup on the first Silk Spectre…just horrible…) 


Also, word to the wise…there’s a sex scene—no worse than any other you’ve seen, though; in fact probably worse-lit than a lot of the ones you’ve seen.  Also, be forwarned that it’s really, really violent and disturbingly graphic in places—probably MUCH more than a lot of other movies you’ve seen…unless you’re really into the splatter-flicks.  In all…B or B-plus, as a non-comic nerd…A-minus, as a nerd.