New Logo?

Here’s one mostly for Dave




…I like it…I’m thinking of putting it on a cigarette pack, like instead of the Pall Mall logo or something…  I’m a little afraid that the “St. Louis” thing makes it either look a little cheesy, or like a bar…but I can chop that off if it keeps bugging me.  🙂


By the way…those guitars are photoshopped copies of the exact guitars we use.  The drums aren’t, because I couldn’t remember what Johnny’s actual kit is, other than that it’s made by Tama…


So…whaddya’ think?

EDIT:  For some reason, it’s coming up a little pixelated on the blog, but I guarantee you that it’s quite lovely on my laptop.

2 thoughts on “New Logo?”

  1. it doesn’t look pixelated to me… and i like it.
    but yeah, the St Louis, MO thing doesn’t fit the vibe i was getting from the rest of it.

  2. I don’t mind the St. Louis thing-I think some of our merch should have it on there. The design looks a little lounge to me, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Run it by the rest of the guys and we’ll decide.

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