Rant on Mortality…

Okay…I don’t want to get maudlin…but a friend of mine’s niece recently passed away.  She was 16 and was found dead in a hotel pool.  Don’t know a cause of death, but whatever it is, it’s not fair and it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.  It never does.  (I didn’t know her, by the way…but stuff like this always sucks to hear about.)


I’ve seen people that young and younger die a few times.  It never feels right.  If someone old dies, it makes sense.  They had a rich, full life—or opportunity for one, anyway—and that’s what happens at the end of it.  You live, then you die.  But there’s supposed to be a good 70-100 years in there.  Not 16.  Not 5.  Not a couple of days.  Even if someone’s a little younger than that—even in their 20s…at least they got to DO some stuff.  They got out of high school and lived in the real world for a while.  But it’s not right for a teenager or a kid to die.  That’s just not right.


Stuff like this makes me understand how some people can be athiests.  I get it…




It’s a misconception.  People think stuff like this is somehow God’s fault.  That God caused it, or at least didn’t PREVENT it, like he could/should have.  People think that God regularly performs miracles, but that he chose to pass them over.  (Misconception #1 — If God REGULARLY performed miracles, they wouldn’t be spectacular, and therefore wouldn’t be miracles.)  Problem is that stuff like this isn’t God’s fault.  Stuff like this breaks God’s heart.  He doesn’t like seeing child-sized coffins any more than we do.  Maybe Satan causes these young deaths.  Maybe humanity does.  Maybe it’s just terrible genetics…who knows?  I do know that God DOESN’T do it though. 


All God does is welcome people Home when they get there.


Just wanted to say that.


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