Here’s one of my “random” posts you’ve all come to love.  Some of you seem to have come to love them so much you’re picking up the trend on your own blogs, in fact!  Looking at YOU Dave!  🙂

  1. My throat feels weird.  Kinda clogged.  Not really having trouble breathing or anything like that…but it’s an irritant.  I just hope this isn’t going to turn into something worse.  I’d really like to go ONE month without a cold or a toothache or something like that.
  2. Billy Mays died.  That one actually shocked me.  I’m not SAD exactly, but I was surprised.  Ed McMahon was old and had been having health problems.  Farrah Fawcett had cancer, and we all knew it was a 50/50 shot.  Michael Jackson, in hindsight (if nothing else), always seemed destined to burn-out young.  But Billy Mays was kind of out of nowhere………  Is it too soon to make a home portable defibrillator joke?
  3. Speaking of celebrity deaths…  A guy I’ve known for 15 years called me a name and then removed me from his Facebook “friends” list after I posted that I was “sadder about Farrah Fawcett who, to my knowledge, had never been brought up on child molestation charges nor settled out of court on said charges.”  So…apparently, the line with him was Michael Jackson.  Big man, huh?
  4. Why is it that when a man gets his heart broken by a woman, he gets mad at that specific woman…but when a woman gets her heart broken by a man, she gets mad at ALL men.  Like I just read where someone wrote, “Boys suck.”  That’s not fair.  I’m pretty sure I don’t suck.  The guy that screwed her over does, I’m sure…but some of us are okay.  Just always kinda bugs me, and I’m not sure why.  🙂
  5. Blue Tattoo’s recording is coming together.  We’ve got drums down on four or five tracks and we should make some significant progress this week as well.  Johnny’s taking a couple of weeks off to deal with his wedding and other stuff, so it’s just guitars and vocals for a couple of nights.  Should move pretty quickly, and I’m excited about it.
  6. I keep mentioning that “New Year’s Eve” project.  I’m planning on releasing it as a FREE download through this blog.  I think I’ve arrived at a final mix, but I may want to re-do the vocal track on one song.  I’m not quite sure I got everything out of it that I could.  I’ll be listening to a semi-final mix tomorrow, and it should be up by this time next week, if it all comes together like I think it will.
  7. I got my mail today, and imagine my surprise to find a letter from my previous employer.  (For those who don’t know, they’re a college.)  The letter was asking me to donate to their “America’s Best” campaign—a fundraiser for the school.  Now, I’ll fore-go shaking my finger at including the word “America” as an appeal to our individual patriotism…I’ll grudgingly let that go…  But, I did get a chuckle out of it.  I mean…didn’t them laying me off pretty much add up to me giving them like $28,000?
  8. Speaking of jobs…I really like my new job.  The office is pretty relaxed and we all get along pretty well.  Sure, we have our tense moments like anyone else, but it all seems overcome-able.  I’ve been pretty happy since I fell into the new gig.  (Only reason I don’t tell you where the new gig is is that I say some pretty stupid stuff on this blog, and I wouldn’t want it to reflect poorly on them.)  My sister-in-law commented that “You seem really happy with your new job.”  Which is true…but she said it with that tone of “I’m not sure I’ve ever SEEN you this happy.”  And maybe that’s true.  Hard to say.  To be fair, I haven’t really done anything massively stupid yet or gotten in trouble for anything…but at the same time…yes.  I’m happy.  It’s weird, right?
  9. For some reason, WordPress does not have the word “blog” in its dictionary, and it always gets underlined during the spell-check.  Does that seem really strange to anyone else?
  10. …and let’s ride this thing out with some CD Reviews…
    1. Chickenfoot – Made up of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith, it’s…kind of what you expect.  Fun stuff, but not too deep.  Definitely worth a summer listen, and I’ll probably go see the show when it comes to town.  But, at the same time, I don’t imagine it being the #1 CD in my rotation for years to come.  Lots of fun…what a Van Halen reunion should’ve sounded like.  Worth the $10…which I haven’t actually paid because I borrowed it from my brother.  (I’ll get that back to you Tuesday, Dave.)
    2. Gaslight Anthem – “The ’59 Sound” – Nice little record.  Kind of a punk heart, but more of a greaser/rock/alternative vibe to it than anything else, in my opinion.  The title seems to suit it.  This one has definite playlist potential.  (I’ll also return this one on Tuesday, Dave…but I’ll probably buy it for myself after the next paycheck.)
    3. Live – “Live at the Paradiso” – GREAT live record.  One of the better live records I’ve heard in a long time.  It’s really cool to hear the audience singing along, sometimes insisting that the band follow THEM.  It must be amazing to have a big crowd like that be so in love with your words…and the band was freaking ON.  A few years ago, they wrote the lyric, “With Live, it’s game seven every single night.”  I think this record captures that.
    4. Dream Theater – “Black Clouds and Silver Linings” – Long winded…VERY long winded.  But it’s got some nice meat in there…it’s just that Portnoy and Petrucci REALLY need to bring in an outside producer again.  There are some good songs in there if you chop about five minutes out of each of them and let LaBrie sing, like he’s supposed to.
    5. Spinal Tap – “Back from the Dead” – The Tap boys re-recorded a bunch of the songs that made the movie such a hit, plus a few new offerings.  It’s silly and fun.  I’ve got to say, I prefer some of the originals, mostly because I’ve lived with them so long…but this release is pretty good.
    6. Legendary Shack Shakers – “Believe” – I bought this along with “Swampblood.”  I like them both about the same.  If you’re looking to see what they’re like live, this ISN’T it.  By comparison, in fact, the records are a little boring…but once you’ve had time to put some space between yourself and the show, the records are really good.  “Believe” is probably the superior of the two…and definitely the place I’d recommend starting if you’ve never heard them…but “Swampblood” has some really great moments, too.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.  Please enjoy your return to the Internet.