A List of Things You Can’t Say in a Tent…

My brother said #5 on this list in reference to wanting to flee a boring conversation. I replied, “Just another thing you can’t say in a tent.” He then threw down the challenge for me to post a list of things you can’t say in a tent…so here are ten things. But maybe it’s more accurate to say they’re ten things you’d SHOULDN’T say in a tent, because you’d sound like an idiot…technically, I guess you CAN say anything you want to in a tent.


…but I digress…


Here’s the list (sorry this isn’t very funny!):

  1. Does this ottoman look alright over here?
  2. Great…now it’s all over the wallpaper.
  3. Go to your room!
  4. This is more comfortable than my bed at home.
  5. Where the f**k’s the door?
  6. Nice lamp!
  7. Can you turn up the AC?
  8. You hold the drywall and I’ll screw it down.
  9. This is not a tent.
  10. I’ll be in the tub.


…and as a bonus, a few things you CAN say in a tent that would sound dirty in any other situation…


  • Unzip it and let’s get going.
  • Don’t touch it! You’ll flood the whole place!
  • It’s poking me right in the thigh…I can’t sleep like this.
  • The flaps are stuck!
  • You pull this end and I’ll try to keep it up.
  • My bag’s wet! I told you not to touch it!
  • Tent pole!
  • I think the three of us will fit, but one of us will have to be sideways.


…so there ya go.