Brief Update…

A few people have been kind enough to call, e-mail, and Facebook me about my Aunt Stella this weekend.  Thanks to everyone who did that.  It’s awesome to have such great friends.


As a brief update, she’s not speaking yet, but she seems to basically understand things.  My Grandma went to Memphis to see her and phoned in the report that the doctor came in and asked her some simple yes/no questions.  And through nodding and shaking, she answered them all (correctly, I assume, lol).  He also asked her if she could give him a “thumbs-up” sign, and she did that, too.  So this is pretty much the best news any of us could have asked for at this point.  It’s not the miraculous recovery you always hope for, but it’s definitely VERY positive.   Thank God for good doctors, strong wills, and the power of prayer.


And thanks to/for all of you who were waiting for this update!




And as a brief update on my big-fat mouth… 


Around 5:30 Sunday night I mostly accidentally busted open my swollen gums with my teeth.  It felt really good.  I’d been in intense pain for part of the day, leading up to it, but that popped and a bunch of blood and possibly other stuff oozed out—didn’t taste as bad as you’d expect, in case you’re wondering.  Spent about 20 minutes spitting and rinsing.  And the pain relief has been HUGE.  There’s still a large area of my gums that are—how do I describe it?—chewy, I guess.  Clearly there’s just some extra skin that needs to fall away…but in all it’s a HUGE relief. 


But I’ll tell you this…as soon as I get dental coverage (in August), I’m going to the dentist and having him dig around in there for a while.  I know I’ve got a mess of problems with my teeth…and I’ve been cowardly about getting them fixed…all I know is that I don’t want that kind of pain again, and on the chance it was caused by a dental problem and not by the toasted sandwich I’ve been blaming it on, I just want to cover my bases.  Actually, I should find out if we even DO dental at the  new job…if not, I may as well go sooner…


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