…by the way…

Remember how I told you a couple of posts ago that I cut my gums on a toasted sandwich?  Well, I keep re-opening the wound (sometimes with my freaking toothbrush) and now my jaw’s all tight and stiff again, like it was last month.  Last time, it took almost two-weeks to get back to maximum stretch…sigh…  It only hurts a little (between my left gums and about the middle of my neck), but eating is difficult.  No sandwiches, chicken legs, etc for a while.  For now, I’m stuck with mostly soups, noodles, and stuff that’ll fit through my restricted mouth-hole…which, if you’re keeping score, is only opening about as wide as my pinkie-finger at the moment.


…so that sucks…


7 thoughts on “…by the way…”

  1. yeah, that definitely sucks. the size of your pinky finger? that’s ridiculously small. i wish i were selfless and could say “i’d take the pain from you if i could…” but that’s not true. i really like eating pizza too much.
    i hope it gets better.

    1. Thanks! And for the record, even if you offered it, I wouldn’t take you up on it. I wouldn’t wish this on ya’.

  2. Try gargling sea salt and warm water. It really hurts while you are doing it but it heals so much faster. Sea salt is really inexpensive and you can get it at the grocery store if you don’t have any. I got a sore on the roof of my mouth a few weeks ago and used it-really cuts down on healing time. Hope you feel better.

    1. Hmm…sea salt, you say? I’ll give that a whirl…or a gargle…

      In other news, I got your message on Fackbook, but every time I hit reply, it keeps giving me a Fackbook error. Hopefully it’ll work soon. If not, I’ll e-mail you.

      1. Okay…the sea salt felt really good while I was swishing it around…but now it HURTS. That probably indicates healing…but still…ow.

  3. I hope it’s helping you heal, but yeah…it does HURT when the salt hits the wound. Hope it’s better soon.

    1. Just had this big, gummy, swollen thing in my mouth explode in a fit of blood and brownish-stuff…and it felt GREAT when it happened…so I’m going to say the salt water helped a LOT, yeah. Thanks!

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