I’m considering doing a series of posts about stuff I didn’t feel like I could say while I worked for a Christian organization.  (For the record, at least most of the folks I work with now are also Christians, but that’s not really part of what we do—we’re not really a “ministry,” so it doesn’t really matter what I think, ha ha.)  The writings would contain my thoughts on some controversial subjects.  I know I kind of have done that anyway, but…y’know…I’ve never really said much (here on the blog) about gay people, except  that I think James Dobson’s a schmuck (which only marginally has to do with his views on homosexuality).


I’m not sure if it’d be a series of essays, or just a list of stuff that pisses me off.  I just realized that there’s a lot of stuff the Religious Right says and does that I don’t agree with, but that I kept kind of quiet about because I didn’t want to piss off the college admins.  Being a member of the Religious Left on a Christian campus is weird enough without actually saying you think the Right is wrong about some things, y’know?  I’m not saying that I’m necessarily correct, or that the opposing viewpoint is held by bad people, or anything like that…I’m just saying that I got kind of tired of biting my tongue every time someone told the “Osama/Obama/Yo’Mama” joke (which manages to be insulting to women, blacks, and Muslims all in one joke—and while that’s impressive, it’s still not funny).


So, anyway…if I end up doing that, I’ll try to provide enough warning at the start of the posts for folks to click away if they know they’ll get pissed off.  People never take me up on that, of course…but at least I make the gesture.  I’ll probably also disable comments on those posts.  I just don’t want to hear it.  No one ever posts, “I respect your opinion” or “I agree” or even “I’ll agree to disagree.”  Mostly people just tell me I’m either going to hell or that I’m too mean to Republicans (like them telling me I’m going to hell is all sunshine and farts).  I’ve heard it…and it bores me…so I’ll be turning off comments on those posts.


…or I might not do it at all, lol.  Haven’t decided yet.  Guess it depends on my mood…


So that’s just a heads-up, in case I end up doing that.

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