Various and Sundry

^ Did a pretty good job of not using the word “random” in the title for once, didn’t I?


Anyhoo…here’s some stuff that’s on my mind…


  1. First week of work’s going pretty good.  I think I’m really getting the hang of things.  People keep saying that I’m catching on really quickly…which of course makes me not fully trust myself, ha ha.  I want to do well, and I think I’m getting pretty good…but being the eternal pessimist, I keep expecting someone to say, “Hey Derek…did you know that you’re not _______ (whatever)?”  I just keep thinking I’ll find out that I’ve been doing something wrong, heh.  I’m hoping that’s just my typical paranoia, combined with the fact that I’ve only been doing this for three days…and that’s probably exactly what it is…  I just need to trust myself, I guess.  As much as I like the job (both the people I work with and the actual work), I just need to trust that I’m actually GOOD at it too…but  guess on day #3, it’s okay to still be nervous, huh?  🙂
  2. Blue Tattoo’s kind of relaxing our gig-hunt until Fall, because the drummer’s getting married and is pretty much booked up through July.  Combine that with Dave’s upcoming vacation, Chris and Amy having a baby, and me having a new job and we just don’t have a ton of time for gigs right now.  We’ll pick it up again soon.  Fall’s a better time for getting people to come out to see us, anyway.
  3. In the interim of not having any Blue Tattoo gigs, we’re going to start recording more stuff.  Kind of want to get a “live” recording vibe, if it’s possible…but it might not be.  Still have to kick it around a little…but I’m excited about getting more of our stuff down on tape (or plastic…or whatever).  I really love recording, and when your band’s gone (as they all are eventually, but hopefully not too soon!) the recordings are really all you have left.  So I’m glad we’ll be creating more future-memories.
  4. Also in the absence of BT gigs, I’m thinking of booking some solo shows.  I know the drummer on the “OFTL” record (Dave Knobel) really wants to do a few shows with me, and I’d get a kick out of it…so I’m going to start looking around, I think.
  5. Speaking of drummers I’ve worked with…  I was poking around the Internet and ran across somebody that used to play drums for Uncle Dick (the band Dave, Teague, and I were in before Blue Tattoo).  If you get a minute, check out and take a look at some of Thatcher’s animations he’s done over the years.  Might even be some stuff you know!
  6. Turning to the world of politics…  I was thinking about President Obama today.  We all know how rabid a fan of his I was during the election.  I was very vocal in my support.  I haven’t really said that much since, though…  It’s not that I think he’s doing a bad job or anything like that…just hasn’t been much worth saying.  That actually bugged me a little up until today.  I mean, after his first 100 days, I was hoping I’d be able to point to some stuff and say, “Look!  There it is!  That’s a major mark of the coming change!”  But I don’t really feel like I can do that…  That’s not saying that he’s not making progress…it’s just that the BIG stuff hasn’t happened yet.  I was beginning to feel like he’s turning into a place-holder President for a while…but then I remembered the first years of the Clinton Administration.  I remember a ton of people (myself included) making the Seinfeld reference about that era, saying, “It’s an administration about NOTHING!”  🙂  Then Clinton came out of nowhere to make the country great.  We were arguably in the best position we’d EVER been as a country under the Clinton Administration…it just started slow.  I’m thinking it’s the same with Obama.  I’m thinking that by this time next year (or a little later) we’ll all look back and say, “Oh…THAT’S what took so long!”
  7. Speaking of such things…  I’ve got to say something about the Gitmo thing.  When I saw that Obama had a timetable to close Gitmo, I was really pleased…  Now I see life-long, loyal Dems bailing out of their initial support of the plan…and frankly I’m a little ashamed of my party.  Closing Gitmo is the RIGHT THING TO DO.  I stand behind my President on this one…and more than that I stand behind the people who were wrongly imprisoned, poorly treated, and called “terrorists” with absolutely no proof.  They deserve a fair shake, and Obama wants to give it them.  Why the hell are the Democrats flaking on that?  We’re WRONG WRONG WRONG to do that, and like I said, it’s absolutely shameful and spits in the face of everything our party stands for.  (I’ll step off my soapbox now…)
  8. Since Dayna reads my blog…  I hope your first week managing at the Library is going well!  I’m sure you’re great at it, and I’d imagine the Library is already more organized than it was under my tyrannical-yet-lazy reign.  🙂
  9. Congratulations to Shawn Johnson on winning Dancing with the Stars.  I don’t watch the show, but after being so into the Olympics last year, I’m kind of a fan of hers…so good for her!
  10. My birthday’s coming up in 9 days (May 29)…start buying, folks!
  11. I’ve been taking a lot of baths lately, and I’ve been reading while I’m in the tub.  Why did no one ever tell me how relaxing that is?  I’m actually thinking of trying out some bath-salts and candles one of these days…thus completing my long, slow, slippery-slope into becoming Frasier Crane.
  12. Dale Watson’s at Club Deluxe tomorrow (err…tonight, I guess…Thursday).  Still kind of thinking about going.  Kenny, formerly in the Feldman band, is going, and it’d be kind of cool to see him.
  13. My brother mentioned on his blog that the AWESOME 90s act Mr. Big has reunited their original line-up.  I’m a HUGE Billy Sheehan fan (because I’m a bass player, and he’s amazing), and I’ve been WAITING for this one!  I’m super excited!
  14. I miss “LOST.”


That’s it for now, I think.  I’m going to try to get in bed by 2:00…and I want to do some reading before then (hoping to finish that Hornby novel I mentioned).  So I’m off.