I’ve Got Work in Like 7.5 Hours!

I had started writing a long, maudlin post about my last couple of days at SLCC…but I’m abandoning it.  I could mention the lunch I was taken to.  I could mention the nice stuff people said.  I could mention how difficult it was pulling out of the parking lot on my last day…but let’s not do that.  I’m excited about my first day with a new company tomorrow/today, so I’m going to focus on that.




Here is the list of people who went out of their way to stop by, see me, and wish me well.  Super-thanks to the following:

  • Deb, Mike, and Dan Pabarcus
  • Keith and Liz McCaslin
  • Michael Chambers
  • Matt Dewitt
  • Harold and Roselyn Merritt (Harold made a special trip to bring me a card, even though he’s been really sick lately.  I was genuinely touched by that.  Told you he was a sweet man.)
  • Billy Jones
  • Linda Wallace
  • Dayna Zoll (Thanks again for the cookies your mom made.)
  • Kent Sanders
  • Doug Lay


I won’t be forgetting that, y’all.


Tomorrow begins a new chapter, or something like that.  Just waiting for my pants to dry (they’re in the laundry) so I can go to bed and get ready for it.  🙂


Current Reading:

  • “Slam” by Nick Hornby.  Hornby is one of my favorite authors.  I bought this book when it first came out and I STARTED reading it, but was put off by the fact that Tony Hawk shows up in it as a minor plot device.  He isn’t really essential (so far), though…  I think Hornby just read Hawk’s autobiography and liked it, so he decided to write it into his story…  The book’s really good,  I’ve read half of it in just a couple of hours, because it’s gripping.
  • “The Importance of Being Foolish” by Brennan Manning.  Manning’s also one of my favorite authors.  I also bought THIS book when it first came out (which was 1995—yikes!) but I don’t think I even started it.  Don’t know why.  I’ve read OTHER stuff of his that’s come out since, in fact!  I’m only a couple of chapters in, but it’s standard Manning.  Excellent and convicting.

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