I’ve mentioned the “New Year’s Eve” thing I’ve been working on once or twice in the past month.  Well, I’m pretty close to DONE with it.  It’s ten songs, plus a short (very short) libretto.  I’m not doing an “official” release, even though I’ll probably count it as a record in my discography, sooner or later.  Instead, I’m going to be posting all of the songs, lyrics, text, and so forth here on the blog.  You’ll be getting a FREE record, folks!  It’s kind of my way of apologizing for not having done a bonus disk with the “Out from the Light” record, I guess.  So look for a tab at the top of the page about that soon.


As a “teaser,” here’s the cover (it’s kinda low-res, just so you know):


nye cover


Also, I’ve got some news to “drop” on y’all very soon, but I’ve got to tell a couple of people about it in person before I can mention it on the blog to any hapless person who Googles something random and finds me.  And, no…I’m NOT getting married!  🙂


Current Listening:

  • Aimee Mann – assorted songs…mostly stuff from “The Forgotten Arm” and “F**king Smilers.”

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