Job Hunt, etc.

I had an interview today in a part of town that I really like.  The job itself seems like something I’d be pretty good at, too.  I’m not the only person they’re looking at, so my odds are only like 50/50, but it seemed like a pretty positive interview, which is nice even if I don’t get it.


On my way back from the interview, I drove all the way down Delmar (University City area, for those who don’t know STL street names).  Kind of cool to see what’s happening in that part of town.  I remember being a teenager and going too far down the road and thinking I was going to be shot…but there’s some serious revitalization going on in that part of the city.  You can see the new developments and the upgraded shop-fronts.  There are still some buildings that look like trash-heaps, but the improvements are obvious and it’s clear that the U-City area is about to explode into a cool, vital part of town (again).


I hope I get to work over there, lol.  (That’s right…  LOL.  But not IRL…)


Current Listening:

The Lower End of Normal.  They’re a band I’m recording a demo for.  Pretty good stuff.  The mixes are rough and awkward at the moment, but hopefully they’ll flesh out nicely.