Lock Up Your Pigs!!!

So the Swine Flu is apparently a pandemic, huh?  I wasn’t aware that a pandemic (which indicates global danger) was declared for something that’s killed like 70 people worldwide, when the REGULAR flu kills something like 20-40,000 Americans a year.


I have a friend who serves food for a living at a cafeteria.  They were serving pork the other day.  Some crazy woman freaked out and accused them of trying to infect the populous with the Swine Flu, which of course is NOT TRANSMITTED THROUGH FOOD.  Proving once again that most people are idiots.


The government has declared a national state of emergency because something like 65-100 people in America are likely to have been infected (which, if you’re keeping track, is less than or equal to two people per state).


Y’know…  I support my President and I think I made the right choice in voting for him.  I stand behind him and think he’ll do everything he possibly can to dig America out of the hole its been in for the past several years.  But this whole thing so CLEARLY smacks of “Don’t look at the economy, look over here!  Swine flu!!!” that it just depresses me, and even I felt the need to call attention to that.  What’s that old saying, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig?”  Yeah…as much as folks (even in the White House) want to dress this up and make it look like something…it’s just a pig.  (Boy, that one ended up being really appropriate, didn’t it?)


If nothing else, I’m fair, right?


So…everyone try not to die from this horrible global epidemic that’s killed less people than the common cold.  ‘Kay?