I’m Back!

Haven’t blogged in some time.  Many apologies.  Been a little distracted.  So now I’m going to do one of my (non-trademarked) trademark “random” posts to address the stuff I meant to blog about.  🙂


  1. Still no solid word on the job-front.  Been a little disappointing, actually.  But I’m sure I’ll find something.  I still have some feelers out there that haven’t said yea or nay yet.
  2. So Bea Arthur died.  She pioneered roles for women with her work on “Maude” and did some really good voice-over work of which I’m a fan (most notably her gig as the Fem-puter on “Futurama”).  Never really dug “The Golden Girls,” but right on.  See you around, Bea.
  3. Remember a few posts back where I started talking about my on-again-off-again “New Year’s Eve” project?  Well, it’s more on than it’s ever been!  I’ve been writing and recording and I’ve got about five songs completely done!  (Including drums, and my debut on playing a little light piano!)  It’s only going to top-off at 9-10 songs, I think…and what with me playing everything myself and it being so short, I’m probably not going to do an official, replicated release of it.  It’ll probably be an Internet/CD-R release for uber-cheap.  Not sure yet, though…but I really like what I’ve got done so far!  🙂  Sound-wise, it’s kind of Aimee Mann meets Michael Penn meets Ray Davies, meets a Hammond-type organ sound.  Plus some of my typical sound as well…  Kind of a departure, but I think it’ll fit in the grand-scheme of what I do.
  4. My CDs are in, by the way.  The website has yet to have the “buy” links up for it.  I’m kind of doing things quietly at the moment.  But yeah…it’s ready to go.  Comment or e-mail if you’re interested in getting one of the physical CDs (ie – You’re not a downloading-type and are avoiding purchasing it on iTunes…or you’re an uber-fan and want both!).  I’ll get one to you for $8 if you see me in person.  $11 if I have to mail it to you, to cover shipping.
  5. I’m going to take some vacation time next week.  If I don’t use it up, they don’t buy it back…so I’m using it (my boss encouraged that, actually).  🙂
  6. I’ve had an on-and-off headache for a couple of days.  Mostly, I’ve just been sleeping really badly and my eyes are communicating that to me by hurting.  It’s felt like someone did that eye-poke thing from the Three Stooges, then swirled their fingers around a little.  So yeah, I’m hoping to get some decent sleep tonight…but it’s midnight already…so maybe not.
  7. I’ve been shockingly deficient in wearing my cowboy hat so far this season.  That’s probably partially because it’s been bouncing back between hot and cold (and it’s been cold in the mornings, but hot in the afternoon…like it’s Spring or something!).  Can’t ever tell if I should wear the felt one or the straw one.  🙂
  8. It’s finals week at the college, which is always kind of interesting.  It’s also the last week they’re serving lunch.  So I’m trying to suck up every last three-dollar lunch I can get before it’s all over.  🙂
  9. Re-watched all the X-Men movies.  Kinda excited for the new “Origins” one coming out this month.  Looks pretty good.  For the record, I liked all three X-Men movies a lot, but my favorite was #2 (“X2: X-Men United”).  Not only is that my favorite X-Men movie, it’s one of my favorite comic-book movies in general.  Definitely top-five…possibly top three.
  10. My birthday is in a month.  I should probably do up a list.
  11. I should also pay my dad the $429 I owe him.  Super-sorry about that, Dad.

That’s it for now.  I’ll write tomorrow.  I promise!


Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Frank Black…
  • …and I’ve had “True Colors” stuck in my head for like two-months…but let’s not dwell on that.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. X2 was my favorite of the three also, but I also enjoyed X3. Most people didn’t, but I took the same approach to the latest Indiana Jones movie: if you lower your expectations it’s actually pretty enjoyable. (I’m amazed at how worked up some of the internet fanboys get about these things.)

    Also, I will take one of your new CD’s – I’ll come to the library and pick it up, just let me know when.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I really dug “Last Stand,” too. They incorporated some comic stuff, but also stayed true to the movie-world. Plus…how coold was it when (1) Angel revealed his wings, (2) Phoenix exploded Prof. X, and (3) Beast turned out to be freaking FRASIER!?! 🙂 Only thing I didn’t like about that movie was that it was obvious that Halle Berry was phoning it in, post-Oscar win.

      I have CDs in my office right now, if you’re interested. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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