501 Blues

Holy crap…I can’t believe I didn’t notice that my last post was #500!  I hit 400 in December, so I guess it’s about time…but wow!

 In recognition of that “accomplishment,” I’d like to thank all of my (15) loyal readers with this, which I feel sums up the relevancy of my posts over the last 501 efforts:





(No, I didn’t take the photo or make the image.  I’ve seen it on a few blogs and boards, but have no idea where the original came from…nevertheless…credit to that guy.)

One thought on “501 Blues”

  1. i don’t see many comments… and i fell behind in reading your blog this weekend, due to travelling some 700 miles on thursday, 100 on friday, 200 on saturday, 50 (only) yesterday, and about to drive 700 more today…
    and yes, i’m driving them all, eventhough there are two other licensed drivers in the car.
    but enough about me – i started this comment to say, thanks for keeping us (your devoted following) updated about life… i hope finals week isn’t too bad. and good luck cleaning up your office in the next month!

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