Music Stuff

Okay…let’s get off the job-search for a moment.  Let’s talk music…


  • I finally have the physical copies of the new CD in hand.  It’s not quite ready to go though.  I do all of my packaging in-house, so I’ve got to finish that up.  Also, I’ve decided that I’ll be personally numbering and autographing the first 100 copies.  So I’ve got to sit and do that, too.  “Official” release date, as such, is Tuesday the 28th.  Look for the website to reflect that soon, too.
  • I’ve been kind of writing and re-writing a project for a couple of years called “New Year’s Eve.”  (I think I started it in 2006.)  It’s basically the story of a guy who goes through a major bad-spell, capped off by that year’s NYE Countdown, when he decides to jump out of the 12th story window of his apartment building (but he survives—spoiler alert).  The story is heavily influenced by Nick Hornby’s book “A Long Way Down” (which is my favorite of his books, narrowly edging out “High Fidelity”).  I keep drifting toward the story, then away from it.  Last year, I did a complete conceptual re-write.  This year, I think I might actually record some of the music, but keep it sparse and simple…just me.  As I said, I’ve abandoned the project a number of times, so it’s not set in stone that I’ll actually do it THIS time, either…but it wouldn’t hurt to demo a few things and see if it goes anywhere.
  • I’ve also been tentatively gathering folky songs for a project I’m calling “The Last Folk Singer” (named for a character in “US!” a novel by Chris Bachelder, mostly centered around Upton Sinclair).  It’s also been through a couple of iterations.  It also has no particular time-table attached to it.  Just kind of a banner-title and a loose theme of ideas.  Not really a concept piece…yet.  But I’m toying with something…might be good…might suck.
  • I’ve been demoing my butt off for Blue Tattoo.  We’ve already started working on three songs, which are coming along nicely.  There are about 8 or so more in the wings that I think have a realistic shot.  We’ll see.  Hopefully we’ll manage a practice tonight and hammer out some more stuff…  We’re also talking about doing a new demo that better represents where we’re going.  Probably five-songs.  Maybe more, so we have some to pick and choose from.  Personally, I’d like to just record everything and do a proper record, but I get the sense that the other guys think that’d be too much work since clubs just aren’t booking us right now.  No idea on a “when” for that.  Hopefully we’ll discuss that some tonight, as well.
  • I think I might be out of the Feldman Group.  I told Mike at the beginning of this year that I only wanted to play about twice a month.  He asked if it’d bug me if he got a second guy signed up to play any gigs I couldn’t/wouldn’t do.  I said that’d be fine, since Mike wants to work EVERY week.  Long story short, I haven’t heard from him since mid-March (and he’s had a BUNCH of gigs on the calendar since then).  Might just be a coincidence, but I get the sense he’s going with the new guy full time.  Maybe I gave him the impression that I wanted out all-together.  If I did that, it was an error…hopefully we’ll work this out on some level anyway.  Even if I’m not in his band, I’d hope we’ve known each other long enough that it won’t matter re: our friendship.
  • Didn’t I say somewhere that I was going to take a hiatus from solo-work to focus on Blue Tattoo?  Hmm…  Maybe I was lying.  Or maybe I’m just dealing with the job loss by focusing on music.  (Entirely possible!)
  • Actually, Johnny (drummer, Blue Tattoo) suggested that I just go into music full time.  I like the idea, but I don’t think it’s possible.  I do OKAY on record sales, when I put out something new…but I don’t know how to book myself frequently enough to make any real money.  I’d love it, though.  Even if I only swung like 10-grand a year doing it, that’d be awesome…get a part-time job to cover the rest…but I don’t see it happening.  I’m almost 30 (yikes) and that’s a little too late to try to make-a-go of it in the music industry.  But it’s nice that Johnny believes in me.  Good cat, that guy.

So…that’s what’s going on, musically.  Here’s hoping some of it doesn’t suck!  …and seriously, check out my new record.  It’s already on iTunes, as I’ve said repeatedly.  It’s the nicest sounding record I’ve done.  I’m pretty proud of it.  Hopefully I’ll be finding ways to get it to the ears of many people in the not too distant future.  (I think I may have an in with Lindenwood University’s radio-station…but I’ve got to feel that out a little more.)


So that’s it…