My Resume

Since I need a new job, I thought it might be worth posting my resume on the olde-bloge.  (That’s olde-tyme-speak for “old blog.”)  I’ve removed all the relevant phone numbers and addresses for probably obvious reasons…but this is basically what it looks like.



To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in professional fields.



2002-2009 Saint Louis Christian College

Positions Held:
2008-2009 Interim Library Manager
2006-2008 Library Assistant
2002-2006 Student Library Worker

Summary of Tasks Performed:
Patron Assistance ○ Statistic Management and Analysis ○ Filing ○ Management of Multicultural Staff, Plus Volunteers ○ Information Literacy ○ Writing and Payment of Invoices ○ Computer Record-keeping ○ Fiscal Responsibility ○ Book Handling ○ Light Cleaning

2004-2007 Ferguson Christian Church

Job Title: Music Minister

Summary of Tasks Performed:
Organize and Lead Worship Services ○ Maintain Regular Contact with Church Members ○ Attend Meetings ○ Serve as a Member of Church Leadership Teams ○ Light Office Work



2000-2005 Saint Louis Christian College

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science; Preaching
Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.003
Activities: Chapel Musician ○ Yearbook Staff ○ Involvement with Various Campus Ministries

Fall 1998 Lincoln Christian College

Coursework toward Preaching Degree

Hazelwood West Junior/Senior High

Year of Graduation: 1998
Honors: National Honors Society ○ Hazelwood West VIP Squad ○ Best Orchestra Pit Member 1997
Activities: Chamber Choir ○ Music Club ○ Orchestra Pit ○ Theatre



Regularly Performing Musician/Songwriter ○ Avid Churchgoer ○ Web-Design ○ Creative Writing ○ Type Approximately 52 WPM ○ Computer Skills in Windows Platforms, Including Most Office-Type Softwares ○ Avid Reader



I am a highly motivated employee, and I give my best everyday. I am a team-player; comfortable with thinking both inside and outside of the box. I have a passion for seeing tasks through to their end and serving both customers and colleagues to the best of my abilities. I believe that excellence is always within reach.



Available upon request, but not on my blog! 🙂


I thought about adding a couple of statements to show desperation, too…  Wildly inappropriate things, mostly…my favorite of which being, “I will put ANYTHING in my mouth for $28,000.”  But that might send the wrong impression, I’m not sure.  Thoughts on that?


Current Watching:

  • Frasier…which apparently I love.  I’m not sure when that happened, but for the past couple of years I’ve watched a LOT of Frasier and have even been pissed off when the show isn’t on because of a “special presentation” on Lifetime or something.  (Which reminds me of a line Zach Galifianakis throws out occasionally…  “Did you see that movie on Lifetime?  The one about that woman?”)