And the Economy Claims Another Victim (Me)

I’ve already mentioned this to a few people, but the college released the official announcement today, so I’m making it official on my blog, too. In case you’re wondering, I’ve known since April 3rd, but decided to hold off telling most people until after the college announcement went out today.


The long and short of it is that I will not be returning to SLCC next year. As it was explained to me, the college is in a financial crunch and the decision was made that they will not be renewing my contract, in a cost-cutting measure. (It is not performance-related. In fact, as my boss was giving me the news, he spent several minutes praising my performance and offered me a letter of recommendation, which was really nice.) My last day is May 31…which is actually a Sunday, so really my last day is May 29th…my birthday. Happy birthday to me, huh?  So…yeah… It sucks.  At the same time that I completely understand why they felt they needed to do that, I’d be lying if I claimed that I’m not a little hurt by the decision…but that’s temporary and I don’t really want to dwell on it.


I don’t like having to leave. SLCC’s been good to me for the many years I’ve worked there. I started as a student worker (2002). I guess they thought I was valuable, because I spent a year still working for 10-12 hours a week after I graduated (2005). Then I was moved up to the Library Assistant position (2006), when the job became available. This past year, I was the Manager. I had hoped and expected to have a long career with SLCC, but I guess it’s over. In some respects though, I’ve actually had a longer career at the school than a large part of the administrative staff, many of whom have only been on for 2-3 years. I’ve seen four people sit in the same chair I had in the Library office. I’ve seen literally a dozen professors come and go. I’ve seen the President ousted, the Academic Dean dismissed, a transition team, a new President and Dean, a 10-year accreditation year (which went okay, not great), a few notable deaths, a few notable births, and a host of other things I’m forgetting. Thought I’d see more too, but I guess they just got the seven-year-itch with me or something, ha ha.


Fortunately, I take some great friendships with me and a lot of good memories. This isn’t a “bad” departure. It’s not like we couldn’t see eye to eye and it resulted in my termination. It’s just that they need to pinch pennies right now like just about everybody else (especially those of us who no longer have pennies coming in…ahem). …and I guess getting rid of a guy in his late 20s is better than forcing an older person into retirement, (which I’m glad they’re not doing. I’d much rather be the one to go in that scenario). I can’t really blame them with as good as they were to me over the years and as nice as my (direct) boss has been to me in the past year and especially over the past couple of weeks since giving me the news. They’re good folks at SLCC, with the best of intentions. They’re just freaked out by the economy like everyone else in America.


So basically…I need a new job. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m a little worried, in fact. In this economy, I don’t expect to get anything stellar (though I hope time, fate, and someone with a decent benefits package proves me wrong). If you’re of the type, please pray for my financial situation and need for a job, and similarly for SLCC’s dire financial needs as well. Also, if anyone knows of people in the St. Louis area who’re hiring, I’d appreciate a recommendation…particularly if any of you happen to have an in-line to some Library work, which is what I’m probably most qualified to do, since that’s what I’m coming out of (with managerial experience, no less!). 🙂 I’ll do just about anything, though. Just need money. I have a college degree. I have managerial experience. I’m willing to shave the beard. I’d prefer not to work with power-tools, because I’m kind of weak and chubby…but it’s negotiable and I’m willing to hit the gym if I need to.


So…any takers (ha ha)?


…or y’all could help me out by buying a crapload of my music from me off iTunes, too. That’d be great. 🙂


So…yeah…that’s what my next couple of months looks like. I’m already filling out applications to book and music stores. Here’s hoping it’s one of those…at least I could still be around something I love…but to be honest, I don’t expect that. I haven’t seen a lot of “Now Hiring” signs in their windows lately.


Thanks for any kind words or thoughts you can send my way.


As a side note: Posts should be coming more regularly now that I’ve been able to let that cat out of the bag.  I’ll still try to blog random, crazy crap on a near daily basis…until I get desperate and just start ranting about how this is all somehow still Bush’s fault…  🙂


Current Listening:

  • …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – “Century of Self” — Apparently ToD put out a new record this year.  I had no idea until I happened upon their website by accident last night.  I’m keeping my Rhapsody subscription until money’s desperately tight, so I’m listening to it there instead of buying it…maybe I’ll put it on my birthday list…  So far, second listen, I like it.  The previous two records were more immediately catchy, but this one’s got some really interesting layers that I think I’m going to grow to love.