No Word…

I’m still waiting on other people to move their feet before making a pretty big announcement here (which I mentioned in the last post).  It’s always frustrating to wait on others, but in this case those involved are out of town, so it’s not entirely their fault nothing’s moving forward…just bad timing.


Anyway…in the interim, I don’t want to lose the discipline of writing…  So here’s a brief list of updates on stuff I CAN talk about…

  • Remember how I posted about the guy driving through the front of a nursing home?  Well, it turns out that earlier that day, he spent some time beating his roommate over the head with a hammer.  So the guy’s a freaking psychopath who probably wasn’t actually planning on coming home that night.  Mission accomplished, I guess.  (The roommate, from what I’ve read, is alive, but will definitely suffer permanent brain damage.)
  • Blue Tattoo’s still writing, and I’m LOVING the songs we’re doing…but for some reason we’re being met with silence from bookers.  Don’t know why.  Even if we sucked (and we don’t) they should be more worried about if we’re going to bring in a crowd than if we’re a good band…but to be fair it’s hard to even know what the gripe is when no one even returns calls.  We’re just being outright IGNORED.  I’ll take someone not liking my band, but I won’t stand for being ignored.  That’s just rude.  I remember a day in this town when people at least had enough class to say, “We don’t think you’ll fit in with the venue” rather than just delete your e-mail.  (So…y’know…if you’re one of those guys, please at least tell us we suck.  I’d rather hear that than nothing.)
  • I need to get a shop vac and clean up some of the dust from sanding at the house.  It’s kind of EVERYWHERE.  The sander I used was vacuum powered, but it didn’t really work very well.  There’s just a fine white powder everywhere from drywall sealer.  Fortunately, I don’t seem to have breathed in too much of it…but it has left my house smelling a little bit like those “Bugles” snacks that they sell in stores.  Don’t get me wrong…I like Bugles…but who wants their house to smell like that???
  • Dave Knobel and I recorded a commentary for my website (for the “Out from the Light,” now available on iTunes).  It’s not up yet, but it soon will be.  We spent a significant amount of time making Farrah Fawcett jokes…then the very next day it was announced that she has anal cancer.  So that makes the commentary kind of in poor taste.  I’m going to record a brief disclaimer to put before it…but pretty much I’m leaving everything in.  It’s good enough that I’m willing to be in poor taste…and we only kid the ones we love…ish…
  • It’s Lab Week at the college, so most of the students are gone.  I have five in the office doing various work for me.  It’s kind of fun.  Wish it could last forever…but everyone comes back next week…then the semester ends at the end of the month, and the fiscal year’s over in May.  So…yeah…
  • Somehow I ended up sleeping on my left hand last night.  Now my carpal tunnel is going nuts.  Such is life.  (I should note that I haven’t had that diagnosed…but come on…it’s carpal tunnel.)
  • There’s a possibility that I might get on board with a new church plant (probably just as a member, not so much as paid staff or anything).  It’s really interesting looking.  Designed to reach college-aged people (plus a little older and a little younger) with what appears to be a little less emphasis on the “you have to look and act like us” thing and a little more emphasis on the “what are your thoughts on Jesus?” thing.  I tend to like ministries that do that, and this one seems genuine.  I’m hoping to get more information soon.  That might be just what the doctor ordered, since I’m still pretty much without a church-home…
  • Got a new cell-phone.  It’s a touch-screen with a full texting keyboard.  Pretty cool.
  • I spell-checked this, but in re-reading it, I noticed several errors the spell-checker didn’t catch.  So watch for that!

So that’s it for now.  I’m going to try to start posting again, even though I can’t quite post about the one thing I WANT to talk about yet.  As I said, I don’t like waiting on others…and hopefully I’ve got enough to say anyway.  So we’ll pick this back up.  Thanks for waiting on me.


Quotable Quotes:

  • “Don’t you feel like your entire life’s just a series of diversions to keep you out of bed?  I love bed.  It’s where you sleep.  It’s where you make love.  Those are the two best things in the world.  If I could find a way to do both at once, I’d be a happy man.” – Ed Byrne
  • Conversation:
    • Me: “Someone shot a cab driver in St. Louis.”
    • Matt: *Sigh* “Finally!”
    • Me: *Pause* *Uproarious laughter*
  • Lyric Writing:
    • Me: “The…something…doesn’t quite seem to cut it.”
    • Dave: “…masturbation?”
    • Me: *Immediate uproarious laughter*