So that’s nuts…

Something insane happened right by my house today.  Some crazy guy was banned from visiting his mother in a nursing home (he’d been verbally abusive to her, the rest of the family, and staff of the nursing home repeatedly), so he decided to get even.  He drove his car through the front lobby.  The car caught fire and he and one resident of the home were seriously injured.  Fortunately, that’s all that happened.


People are freaking nuts these days.  If this is the kind of scum this guy is, they made the right decision to bar him from the building.  I’m only glad he didn’t go in with a gun and shoot up the place.


In other news, my sinuses are so inflamed, I feel like my teeth are going to explode.  So that’s fun…


Current Listening:

  • Live – “V” – They went a little rap-rock on this record, but not in the Limp Bizkit way.  If this were the direction rap-rock had gone, I could’ve gotten behind it.  (Released in like 2002, I think.)

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