Words and Phrases

Here is a list of words and phrases that seem to drive up my post-counts because people Googled them and found my blog by mistake (or spam-bots grabbed them…either way).  I’m posting this hoping this becomes the post with the overall largest number of hits in my blogging history (all misspellings copied directly from the list of stuff people searched for).  🙂

  • School District (Oddly, this is the one that seems the most random to me!)
  • Muscacholli
  • Chris Difford
  • Song in Zack and Miri
  • Supervisors at UPS
  • Using a compressor with a Fender
  • Tattoo
  • Obama
  • George Bush picture (I’m not kidding, lol!)
  • BBE Sonic Stomp
  • I was a sinner until I saw Reverend Horton Heat
  • derekbrink.wordpress (Apparently some of my readers can’t be bothered to type “.com.” That just seems lazy to me…)
  • Purple Chick Beatles Remaster

So those are the most recurring ones…  Assuming you’ve just stumbled upon me thanks to that list…welcome!  I’m a musician, and my music’s available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster.  Check it out!


If you’re one of the regulars…also do that.  🙂


Current Watching:

  • Andy Richter Controls the Universe