Happy Complete and Total Lack of Respect for Humanity Day

It’s April first.  “April Fool’s Day.”  I don’t care for it.


A respected professor I had when I was in Bible College once said something that stuck with me and that I’ve quoted over and over.  “Practical jokes are rarely practical and are never jokes.”  I agree with that…and as far as I can remember, I’ve NEVER played a “practical” joke.


I find that kind of thing massively insulting.  It’s one thing to make a sarcastic, off-the-cuff joke, as long as the other person laughs along with you…  It’s one thing to kid someone about something silly they just said or did, as long as they laugh along with you.  It’s one thing to give a gag gift as long as the person laughs along with you…  But to put in time and effort on a prank, which in its very essence is intended to make the person look like a fool (hence the name of this sham-holiday), to embarrass them, or “get” them…how often do you really see BOTH parties laughing about that?


I’ve ended friendships over pranks.  At some point in my life, I probably will again.  Friends don’t humiliate each other.  It’s not funny.  It’s mean…and that’s coming from ME…and since I brought it up, let’s examine my record…


I talk crap about politicians and celebrities.  I take potshots at faceless corporations/organizations.  I say a movie or a band sucks, if I don’t like it.  I speak my mind when I think something’s unfair…  But I pretty much leave the people in my life alone.  I don’t intentionally say anything hurtful about/toward them.  I say things that sometimes offend people, but not usually at their personal expense…and when I realize that I’ve gone too far, I apologize, often before the person even confronts me about it.  I don’t play pranks.  Never have.  Closest I come is keeping a surprise party a secret.  I am never intentionally hurtful, nor do I ever seek to make a friend or loved one look foolish.  So, don’t play the “as big of a jerk as you are…” card with me.  You’ve probably got an extreme lack of evidence to prove your point.  (You can probably prove that I’m a jerk…but you can’t prove that I’m intentionally hurtful to people I care about without apology.  When they stop laughing, I do too.)


I’m even on record at the office…anyone who pulls anything is on report.  I am practicing zero-tolerance.  I won’t have work-time wasted with acts of disrespect and dehumanization like pranks and “practical” jokes.  It’s just not cool, and it ESPECIALLY has no place in the workplace.  (“Harassment,” I believe they call it…)


I know a lot of people probably think I’m too uptight about this thing.  Well—as my brother would say—tough nuts (seriously, he says that a lot…and I like it!).  You don’t want to test me on this one…not on April first, or any other day on the calendar.  I don’t think pranks are funny.  They’re disrespectful and cruel.  I’ll have none of it, and none of YOU if you pull something on me.  Just a rule I live by.  I don’t have to be liked, but I do have to be shown basic respect…and at the heart of that is that I will NOT stand for being humiliated just so some Ashton-Kutcher-wannabe (and how amazingly SAD is that???) can get a cheap laugh.


So…just wanted to go on record with that…blog-record, anyway!  🙂




Also, I would just like to say that I was probably a little harsh in my comments about Mr. Dobson yesterday.  I’m not deleting it because I don’t really find that I’m disagreeing with myself even upon a much later read…but it was a little harsh.  When Dobson’s good, he’s good…but he HAS organized protesters to picket funerals, had members of his own congregation arrested for wanting to step onto his office-property to deliver a letter telling him that he has mistreated their gay son, and told millions of parents that their kids will turn into bad (re: gay–sic) people if they watch “Spongebob Squarepants.”  To date, he’s only apologized for the last one.  I was pretty harsh yesterday…but I don’t think I said anything worse about Dobson than he’s said (and printed on picket-signs) about others in the not-too-distant past.




Also, re: Pearl Jam’s “Ten” remix…  I forgot to add yesterday that “Porch” turned out really well and that if nothing else it’s nice to hear the bass on tracks other than “Jeremy” for the first time…but I still prefer the old mix…and I think they used a couple of alternate vocal takes for this mix, especially in the background vocals, that aren’t quite as good.  But, again, I’m not saying it’s bad, and as a big fan, it’s definitely interesting and worth the listen.