Lots of stuff up in the air…let’s do it randomly.

  1. EXCELLENT Drive-By Truckers show this weekend at The Pageant.  Patterson was back to full health and they sounded awesome.  Not my favorite show I’ve seen them do (that would be the previous one where they were in on Leap Year in 2008), but a great show.  Sat next to a guy from Iowa who drove down for it.  Didn’t know him, but we got along famously, even though in real life we’d probably never be friends.  We were united by our love of DBT.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…only music can do that.  Bought myself a hoodie…it was the only thing at the merch booth I didn’t have yet.  🙂
  2. I’ve been getting good buzz from the folks who’ve been downloading “Out from the Light” from the Internet (I’m not sure it’s up everywhere yet, but I know it’s on iTunes, which is what most people seem to use).  That’s kind of cool.  If you hand someone a CD, they’re kind of obligated to get back to you and tell you what they thought about it, but in the download-world, they aren’t obligated to do hardly anything…and to hear back from people completely unsolicited like that is really cool!  So far, the buzz is great.  I hope people continue liking it as much as I do.  (Check my website for a lot of new “OFTL” related content in the near future.)
  3. Thanks to the few of you who’ve been asking about my health as per my recent posts.  (Found out someone reads my blog that I didn’t know read it before!)  🙂  I’ve been feeling better, I think.  I still feel like I COULD get a cold at any minute, though.  That’s probably just allergies and the fact that I don’t sleep…but still…throat’s a little scratchy and I’ve had a little bit of labor breathing when I’ve been doing anything active.  So that could easily be a cold finding its way to the surface…or, y’know…emphysema…whatever.  Plus, I’ve got a little bit of a toothache, which is usually emblematic of a cold for me.  My sinuses swell and my teeth hurt.  But here’s hoping it’s just the pollen.
  4. The weather’s been nuts in St. Louis the past week or two.  Been near 80-degrees some days, then on Saturday night it SNOWED (of course on a Saturday when it wouldn’t get anyone in town the day off, ha ha).  I like cold weather, so I’m not complaining…but still, there’s just been a bizarre mix of stuff going on in the skies these days.
  5. On Saturday, after the DBT gig, we were walking back to the car and passed a hot dog vendor.  That’s a relatively new thing for the town.  Only been around (to my knowledge) for a year or so in that area.  We stopped and all got hot dogs.  They were awesome…which leads me to the following hypothesis… 
  6. There’s a lot of talk (and that’s all it EVER is) in St. Louis right now about revitalizing the city.  Of course, every group thinks they have the answer.  The town-planners want to remodel all of the buildings.  The baseball park wants to bring in some big corporation to build “Ballpark Village.”  The Christians want to build churches.  The Jews want to build churches.  The Muslims want to build churches.  The atheists want to tear down the churches and build parks.  The Parks Commission thinks we have perfectly good ones now that just need better publicity…etc…  None of that is the answer.  If you want to save this city…  Hot dogs.  Put a bunch of hot dog vendors out there, give 25% of their earnings to the city, and suddenly you’ll have all the budget you need to build or unbuild whatever you want.  If times are good or bad or if the market’s up or down…people will ALWAYS pay $3 for a hot dog on the street.  I’m not wrong.
  7. My back’s been feeling a little better lately (dangerous words…don’t want to jinx it).  I haven’t popped any Ibuprofen (Advil) in about three days.  That’s good.
  8. I’ve been obsessed with getting some lobster or crab lately.  I wanted a lobster tail with a steak about a month or two ago and I never got it.  So I’ve been trying to fill that void with fillet-of-fish sandwiches from McDonalds (AWESOME promo campaign going on right now, by the way!), fish and chips from Jack in the Box, and I’m even thinking of going to Long John Silvers tonight (which is always bad on my stomach because of how greasy it is).  One begins to wonder if the Ameristar still does those seafood-buffets anymore…and if so, why I’m not there right now.
  9. I bought the third season of “The Venture Bros.” on DVD this weekend.  I love the commentaries, but there’s a BIG lack of other special features (bunch of deleted scenes,  most of which are in pencil-drawing form…and I don’t care about deleted scenes even when they’re not irritating still-drawings).  Nonetheless, I’ve laughed hard enough at the commentaries that I can’t complain about it.  One odd feature, though…the DVDs are completely uncensored.  All of the curse-words they “bleep” on the TV airings are present, as are all of the usually boxed-out body parts.  To me, it’s funnier with the censoring left in tact…but whatever.  Still a great show.
  10. Next week is Lab Week at the college, where the students all go off and work on projects.  That makes my job a little easier, but a lot lonelier.  I’ll have a few workers buzzing about the place doing a work-project…but they’ll all be busy and I won’t really have a ton of time to shoot the breeze with them or anything.  Still, it’s good for the kids, and it gives me the chance to catch up on some statistics and whatnot.  It was always one of my favorite things as a student (even though it meant I’d be working FAR harder that week than I normally did) and I’m sure it’s still just as gratifying for at least some of them today (one would hope for “most”).

I’ve got more…but 10 is enough.  Hope you enjoyed that.  We’ll try to focus tomorrow.