A Legacy of ROCK!

Going to see the Drive-By Truckers on Saturday with my dad and brother.  (I can’t remember if my sister-in-law is in on this one or not…I know at one point Dave was saying he thought it’d be cool if she could go too, but I don’t really know how that worked out.)  Anyway…


The three of us (and often a fourth or fifth) used to go to shows together a lot when I was a kid (and teen).  Then we kind of stopped, mostly because Dave and I started going to more club-shows for bands Dad’s never heard of and/or doesn’t like.  Going to a theatre, auditorium, or stadium show became a rarity, and even when it did occasionally happen, it was still often a band dad didn’t want to see.  He did go with us to see the Van Hagar reunion in 05-ish (04?  Can’t remember exactly), but that was the first time in a long time and the last one until Dave and I (mostly I, thankyouverymuch) talked Dad into seeing DBT last year.  That was kind of cool.


Following is a brief list (and I’m sure I’ve missed more than a couple) of acts I’ve seen with my dad and brother over the years–not counting opening acts.  Kind of an amazing list, when you think about it:


  • REO Speedwagon (at least twice)
  • Styx (before Dennis DeYoung got kicked out)
  • The Who (a few times)
  • Drive-By Truckers
  • Eric Clapton (like the night after Stevie Ray Vaughan died, incidentally)
  • Billy Joel
  • Elton John
  • Van Halen (three or four times)
  • Kiss (twice, I’m a little embarrassed to say…once without makeup, once with during the first farewell tour…cough…)
  • Technically, we were all AT a Rolling Stones concert, but Dad had better seats than Dave and I did.

And like I said…I’m missing at least a couple (perhaps Dave or Dad could refresh my memory in the comments).  Of course, I’ve seen many more bands than that both individually and just with Dave…but those are at least the major ones the three of us have gone to together.  Still…pretty cool list…and I’m looking forward to adding another DBT show to it this week!