Update and Forward-Looking.

Feeling a little better today, but my left shoulder and wrist are killing me.  I can explain the shoulder…it’s been bugging me for months and is a combination of having blown it out a while back by lifting something heavy combined with leaning on my left elbow too much, combined with playing a lot of guitar (the strap for the guitar goes over my left shoulder).  Can’t really explain the wrist, though…might just be carpal tunnel catching up with me, since all I do is type or play guitar these days…either way, it hurts a lot…but the Claratin I bought for my allergies seems to have done wonders and the Sudafed is doing the rest for the “head” symptoms I wrote about yesterday.  (I do still think I’m getting a mild cold, though).


In other news, we should be having a band practice tonight after being off last week (assuming the weather doesn’t knock out my power…it looks pretty cloudy and windy today!).  I sometimes don’t look forward to rehearsals because Tuesdays are LONG for me…but that shouldn’t be.  Any time I walk into a practice feeling the “ugh…let’s just get this over-with” vibe, I usually end up recharged and energized from playing music with those guys.  Music’s the only thing that can do that.  So, today, I’ll admit that I’ve got a small case of “the Tuesdays,” as I call it…but I’m hoping for the usual thing out of rehearsal.  Should be good.  Nothing beats playing music with people you like.


By the way, I played some music with a guy I liked this weekend.  (I promise, this isn’t a gay thing…)  One of the guys who often plays drums for the Feldman band is a guy called Mark who used to be in the St. Louis based recording acts Bent and Ultraman (both of whom have seen national press).  He’s a good drummer, but also a good guy…and Bent’s doing a reunion gig in April that I’ll probably go to and chat-up on the blog a little.  So yeah…just wanted to say that.


Anyway…I’m going to try to distract myself from this amazing shoulder/arm pain for a few hours until the rockin’ commences.  Here’s hoping that’s easier done than blogged.


EDIT: Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to DBT’s Patterson Hood, who turned 45 yesterday!


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