My (Bad?) Movie

My brother inspired this post with a purchase he made over the weekend.  He bought the collector’s edition of the movie “Howard the Duck,” starring a young Lea Thompson and a duck-puppet who looks a little like Rob Schneider of SNL fame.  If you haven’t seen the movie…the title pretty much tells you all you need to know.  It’s a duck from outerspace who bums around town with Lea Thompson (who is in a rock band) and saves the world.  Dave’s loved it for years.


As he was making the purchase (I was with him at the time), the girl at Best Buy mentioned that she’d never heard of it.  Dave and I vaguely explained it to her, with Dave admitting that even though he loves it and it’s awesome, it’s terrible.  He defended it as being the movie he loves that no one else gets and they all think he’s crazy for even bringing it up.  “Everyone has a movie like that,” he said.  The girl couldn’t think of one that she felt that way about.  Being that she was like 16, I suggested “Breakfast Club,” thinking it was old enough and kitch enough that she’d think it’s a terrible movie, and she came back with “You don’t like Breakfast Club???”  And once again in my life, a sixteen-year-old girl made me feel like a moron…but anyway…she couldn’t think of what hers was.


I was faced with a similar problem.  I like a lot of crappy movies, but for most of them there’s kind of an audience, but it’s just not an audience made up of people I hang out with…  However, there is one that was released a few years ago that I think fits the bill.  At the time filming began on the project, everyone thought it would be huge.  The director had a built-in audience, and though it would surely alienate some of them being a departure from his standard stuff, it would almost certainly draw from its star power to bring in a HUGE new audience.  The movie had a bunch of the right ingredients…but then one of them went very, very sour and overshadowed the movie.  Most of the “new audience” it should have gained were put off by the one sour-ingredient.  The built-in audience was put off by a lack of familiar subject matter.  The movie as a whole absolutely tanked, bringing in less than its budget in theatres and being almost universally panned (though still slightly more acclaimed than the also-Bennifer-adorned “Gigli”).


…but I don’t care what anyone says…  I still like “Jersey Girl.”  It’s one of my favorite movies…and if you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed Kevin Smith’s finest (and cleanest) work.


So there.


Current Watching:

  • A Doctor Who special where they’re on a spaceship that’s a mock-up of the Titanic.  There is a fat lady and a midget and things go awry…like y’do…

3 thoughts on “My (Bad?) Movie”

  1. Howard the Duck serves it’s purpose well when it comes to dealing with overly raucous Star Wars fans. It seems strange for me to be saying it as one of the biggest fans, but even for me it can be necessary. Example usage dialogue follows:

    “Star Wars is AWESOME, it’s da best movie evar, George Lucas is da man, he is a movie makin’ genious–”
    “Howard the Duck”

    It shuts them up every time. Use as needed.

    Oh, and unrelated to this… yeah, Lisa and I like Jersey Girl quite a lot.

  2. Um, this post was supposed to be about “Jersey Girl”, not Howard, guys. Nikomas, thanks for spreading the duck love. Jim, I’ve put up a post about Howard on my blog, I invite you to read it. Derek, I agree with you, Jersey Girl is a really good movie, and unfairly trashed by most. But then I love “Howard The Duck”, so what do I know?

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