Here’s a playlist I threw together and thought was interesting.  Hopefully later in the day I’ll think of something a little bit more exciting to post.  🙂


Playlist Title: Spring Break Singalong

Occasion: I had a day off for Spring Break and used part of it to make a playlist.

Theme: Most of them are either from soundtracks of movies/tv shows I’ve seen recently or have something to do with the theme of movies/tv, with a few exceptions.

  1. “To Love Somebody” – Slobberbone (Cover of a Bee Gees song)
  2. “Red Vines” – Aimee Mann
  3. “Chicago” – Sufjan Stevens
  4. “Celluloid Heroes” – The Kinks
  5. “30th Century Man” – Jigsaw Seen (Cover of a Scott Walker song)
  6. “Baby Love Child” – Pizzicato Five
  7. “Goodbye Girl” – Squeeze
  8. “Rocket Ship” – Kathy McCarty (Cover of a Daniel Johnston song)
  9. “I’m Afraid of Americans” – David Bowie
  10. “Gimmie Shelter” – Rolling Stones
  11. “Not As We” – Alanis Morissette
  12. “Hold Me Up” – Live
  13. “Hey” – Pixies
  14. “Intervention” – Arcade Fire
  15. “Devil’s Arcade” – Bruce Springsteen
  16. “Fearless Leader” – Soul Asylum (Hidden track on “The Silver Lining”)