More Randomness…

Here’s some stuff I didn’t want to write full posts about.

  • Just ate a bunch of fish.  God bless the Catholics.
  • On the “Duckman” DVDs, they did something really stupid.  Duckman walks into a room filled with mannequins (some inflated…ahem…) and tries to get someone to talk to him, then says, “Oh no!  They’ve all got mad-cow disease.”  Then the picture pauses and a voice-over comes on that says, “Attention viewers, this joke was written in 1996.”  So…apparently in the post 9/11 world, we can’t mention mad-cow disease in the past.  I almost want to mail the DVD to CBS and request that they either send me an unedited copy or refund my money.  That kind of retroactive censorship is just insane and unacceptable.
  • We worked on a new song at the last Blue Tattoo rehearsal.  Coming together pretty well and pretty quickly.  I’m happy about that.
  • I’ve been off work today for Spring Break.  The spring break at our college is only two days, but it’s balanced out by our “Lab Week,” where the students all go do work-projects and mission trips for a week.  So if you count that, we actually have LONGER without classes than most colleges.
  • St. Pats is Tuesday…so that’s cool…
  • Congrats to Blue Tattoo’s own Chris Teague and his wife Amy who are now home-owners in the Wildwood area!
  • I’ve been listening to the Kinks all week.  Them’s good times…
  • My eyes and forehead are both very dry at the moment…I need to buy some Visene and some lotion, then hopefully not mix up which one goes in the eyes and which goes on the head.
  • I’ve been slowly mudding/painting a wall at my house.  It’s a long process and it’s making me stiff and sore.  But it’s kind of fun, too.

That’s it for now…here’s hoping for posts that are more interesting in the future.