My Solution to Fix the Economy

Keeping it short and simple today, but tackling a big issue.


Okay…so the economy sucks, right?  It’s not just America, either.  Every news report I’ve seen has talked about the economy of pretty much EVERY country (that has money) being in the toilet right now.


Let’s weigh that against the fact that money in and of itself is an invented, abstract concept of humankind (just looking at how much a given dollar is “worth” day to day will tell you that).  The dollar isn’t worth a dollar.  Never really has been.  We have more paper money in circulation than we have precious metals (particularly gold) to back it up.  Money is only worth something because we’ve all agreed that it’s worth something.  We’ve all agreed that $5 is $5 and will buy you $5 of gas (or whatever).


So…since we invented (and screwed up) the concept in the first place, why is it so hard to fix it?  Why can we just—and this is my solution—all agree that the economy sucks worldwide, that money isn’t worth as much as it should be, and we’ll all just lower prices, pay less, and all get to keep our jobs?  Why can’t we use the sliding-scale of monetary value to our advantage and just agree that from now on $5 is worth $7.38 and will get you $7.38 of gas (or whatever)?


Seems pretty simple to me.


The End.

9 thoughts on “My Solution to Fix the Economy”

  1. so… it’s a great idea and i’m totally with you. until i carry that thought into a dream of what the next few days/weeks/years would look like and realize that we’d all be miserable communists under one dictatorial ruler (most likely W. risen to power again)
    at least that’s what my pessimistic crystal ball warns…

  2. …hmm…you’ve got a point there…maybe I should rethink this…or add some sort of “And Bush has to move to Mexico” clause or something… 🙂

  3. It is an okay idea, until I realize that the value of my salary goes down with it. It’s not that I’ll be paid less, it’s that what I’m being paid is worth less. In other words, rather than earning $X / hour = 5x gallons of gas / hour, I’d be making only 2x gallons of gas / hour, which is not worth driving into work. I’m not sure I’m explaining it right, but you can see the point I’m reaching for.

    And never mind that my car is broke down right now…

  4. actually, i think you should write a “Bush has to move into rural Iraq with a sign -‘i started the demolition of your country’- clause” with or without the rest of your economic proposal…

  5. YES!!! 400 isn’t a huge milestone… but it’s something. i guess i could just leave one word comments till i hit 500!

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