Turns Out, I Lied…

Okay…maybe not lied, but you know that expression about biting off more than you can chew?  I did that.  Definitely.


For the past two (almost two-and-a-half) years, I’ve been talking-up my forthcoming solo record “Out from the Light.”  I have also been talking about the “bonus CD-R” to be entitled “Departure,” which is supposed to come with the CD in order to entice you into buying it.


“Out from the Light” has turned out to be a very ambitious project.  For the first time in my solo career, I worked with a full band, putting my material in the hands of three other guys.  Those guys more than rose to the challenge and produced work that I’m extremely proud of, and I hope they are too (or that they will be, since it’s not out yet).  It took time, though.  Had to coordinate schedules and do individual work on each track to get things sounding unified.  That was new for me, on a solo record.  I have no problem doing that for other bands…but with my own stuff, it was arduous…but it got done, and I’m thrilled with the results.


It took, as I said above, a lot of time for me to get the thing right, even after all of the recording was completed.  It was brutal.  I have a stack of over a dozen CD-Rs with “OFTL – FINAL MIX!!! (Plus the date it was—ahem—“finished”)” written on top of them.  Each one was abandoned, right up until the actual final mix.  But it got there.  It’s some of the nicest sounding work I’ve ever done (and I have Dan, Jim, and perhaps especially Dave to thank for that).


So…that’s ready to go.  I’m uploading the tracks for distribution on iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody.  It’ll be SOON, folks…




…but about that “bonus CD-R” thing.


I bit off more than I could chew.


The long and short of it is that I don’t have the energy, time, or passion to complete the bonus disk right now.  It’s about half done.  Perfectly good DEMOS, but not completed songs.  It won’t be seeing the light of day, at least for the foreseeable future.  I’m sorry about that.  There are some really good songs there…but “Out from the Light” took 2+ years of my life to produce and I don’t have another 2 to spend on “Departure.”  I want to get “Out from the Light” into your hands…so I’m dropping the bonus disk. 


I’ve got to tell you, I felt an enormous relief of pressure just typing that!  🙂


However, there is some good news about that.  I’m going to submit the bulk of the demos of the songs that would have made up “Departure” to Blue Tattoo.  Maybe some of them will live on in the band, maybe not.  Either way, they’ve got right of first refusal.  Anything else, along with any new stuff I write that the band doesn’t want (or that wouldn’t work in BT), will be compiled into either an eventual online release or perhaps a complete CD package of stuff that I like but that the band didn’t use.  It won’t be anything I regularly work on (as my “regular” work from this point forward will be with Blue Tattoo), but it’ll be something I eventually develop into whatever it becomes.  So “Departure” isn’t dead in the water…it’s just on hiatus…and possibly won’t be called “Departure.”  🙂


I am doing something, though, for those who buy the physical CD rather than buying it online.  I’m going to be putting a “bonus track” on the physical CD that won’t be available online.  It’s a version of one of the tracks on the record (“Immortal”) that’s done with only piano and vocal.  It’s a slightly spooky version, but it’s cool, I think.  I’m doing that because I’m still in love with the physical product over an Internet download…so if you want that track, you’re going to have to buy the CD.  Hopefully some of you will.  Hopefully some of you crazies out there will do both!  🙂  (Incidentally, due to budget restraints, you can also only get the bonus CD that comes with “Things I Meant to Say” by buying the physical copy, as well.  That won’t be available as a download either.)


So…yeah…I lied…but there was some good news in there as well.  Let’s call this one “even.”