A Few Reviews

Okay. Got a little intense in the last post…so on this one I’m just buzzing through some of the stuff I’ve been watching and reading.  Here are my thoughts on some of my recent purchases.  Keeping it to three for now.

  1. Futurama – “Into the Wild Green Yonder”
    • Possibly the last of the DVD movies for the show.  Good one.  My favorite is still the first one they did (“Bender’s Big Score”) as it felt most like the OG show…but this one is probably a close second with “Beast with a Billion Backs” being a VERY close third.  Liked “Bender’s Game,” too, but it was sooooo freaking weird that it’s fourth.  Which is a little like saying, “Well, yeah, it’s a Picasso…but it’s my fourth-favorite Picasso.”  This one was a lot of fun.  Tied up a lot of loose ends, but allows for another return, which I’m really hoping they get to do.  I loved this run (and I was hesitant about them doing it) and I hope it’s not over yet.
  2. Duckman
    • Not done watching it yet, but this is the really good era.  I bought seasons 1-2 a while back, and I’ve been watching 3-4 now.  They’d found the rhythm of the show by the time they did these seasons…and Duckman’s “You Thrust Your Pelvis” dance still makes me laugh.  This one’s a lot of fun that has held up remarkably well.
  3. Batman RIP
    • I don’t know what the crap that was…  I love Batman.  Batman got me into comics.  Batman is the one I’ve kept up with.  I don’t know what the hell was going on in this comic.  It’s all over the place and cluttered…and the supposed “death” of Batman (although the comic’s re-starting soon…cough) wasn’t even at the hands of the Joker…  Disappointing read, to be honest.  I really hope that they do a major re-boot to bring it back.  We need this generation’s Frank Miller (possibly Jeph Loeb?) to breath some life back into this thing and put it back on the right course.  Sorry DC…but this was pretty terrible…and I’ve loved a LOT of terrible Batman arcs.

So there’s that…I’m hoping to do some more watching/reading over the weekend, and I’ll keep you posted.


Current Listening:

  • Bruce Springsteen – “Working on a Dream” – Still love it.

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