Doesn’t He Know that Bush is a Recovering Alcoholic?!?

^ I’m guessing that’s the reasoning…because I can’t see why this should have possibly gotten President Obama any heat in the media:




That’s right!  The President of the United States of America went to a ball game and (gasp!) had a beer!  Oh no!  It’s the end of America!


The guy’s in his 40s.  He drank a beer at a game.  He didn’t go out onto the White House lawn for a press conference completely blitzed and pee in the rose-garden.  He had a beer…at a ball game.  Something almost every American above the age of 21 (and, yes, some younger) has done.  The mirror may not be pretty…but it tells the truth, folks.


Now if you want to get up in arms about his policy on abortion (and I think some of his recent words on that subject are a little too far left, even for me), I can deal with that.  If you think his economic policy is stupid (and, yeah, there is some argument that the way to fix the economy isn’t by spending more money), fine…we can talk about that.


…but when you come at me crying that the guy had a beer, I’m just going to dismiss you as a complete nut-job.  Much like you probably dismissed me for the post-title (and rightly so).


…but I will say that I wish he’d at least drink a GOOD beer…look at that…it’s practically water!  🙂


Oh…and speaking of nut-jobs…


I saw where Rush Limbaugh wants to debate the President (as though he even has the right).  Guess it makes sense.  Limbaugh’s been deaf to anything anyone but him has to say for so long that he actually literally IS going deaf now.  So he may as well start debating people, since it’s now easier for him to ignore their rebuttals.


Sorry…I know that’s cruel.  But I’m never forgetting what he said and did regarding Parkinson’s Disease a few years ago (Parkinson’s killed my Grandpa Brink, for those who don’t know).  Limbaugh’s inhumanity in that situation combined with his complete lack of remorse makes me glad for any discomfort he now justly feels and I think he’s just getting what’s coming to him.  I don’t mean to celebrate at another’s tribulation…but I think feeling satisfied that justice (be it poetic, karmic, or of Yahweh God) is being served is permissible.  And yes…I know I shouldn’t take it this personally.  Sorry.  Just how I feel.  Fortunately, this is America, and you’ve got all the right in the world to disagree with me.  I’m probably wrong, anyway, if that helps.


…moving on…just been a while since I got all high-and-mighty, irrationally political.  Heh.  All relevant apologies and recognition that most of my Republican friends aren’t the crazy ones…disclaimer…blahblahblah…


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  • Going to start reading the “Batman RIP” arc tonight.