Off the Grid…

Sorry I’ve been off the grid, blog-wise.  I sometimes go through dry-spells that keep me from my usual daily writing.  This is one of those.  I actually have a couple of things I WANT to talk about, but before I do, each one requires one more piece of information, or one more decision that I’m not quite ready to make yet.  Nothing major…nothing to worry about…just don’t want to jump the gun on giving out info I don’t fully have yet.


So…what DO I have?  Umm…not much.  I can tell you that over the past couple of days I’ve resumed the great renovation of the house.  I’ve had a wall that’s needed some mudding and painting for about a year.  I’ve finally started on it, and I have it about 1/2 done.  I have LONG periods of no motivation to do stuff like that, but when I AM motivated, I get a lot done in a couple of days.  If I had tomorrow off, I’d probably finish…so it goes.


Oh…that reminds me…  I just read the whole of “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  I’ve read parts of it before, but I’d never read the whole thing.  So I did.  I’m considering getting a tattoo that reads “So it goes” as a result.  (Vonnegut, throughout the book, uses that phrase any time he talks about someone dying…and being a book about WWII’s bombing of Dresden, he uses it a lot.)  Good read, and it’s making me re-read “Cat’s Cradle” as well.  I’m actually hoping to go back and read everything he’s written that I haven’t gotten to yet…and being that so far I’ve only read the essays and two or three of the novels, I’ve got my work cut out for me.


So…that’s really all that’s going on.  Hopefully I’ll think of something interesting to blog about tomorrow, and/or I’ll finalize some of the details on stuff I haven’t talked about, so I can cover that stuff…  But if I don’t write anything tomorrow, please just dismiss it as lack of motivation and go on with your life…the Internet’s pretty big.  I’m sure you can find something equally as inane in a pinch!  🙂


EDIT: Just discovered that according to my post-dates, I’ve posted on both March 1 and March 2.  Guess I must’ve crossed the Feb 28/March 1 line while writing that last one, lol.  But I’ve been hit and miss with my bloggery ever since the Bush Picture of the Day ended…so the apology still stands.

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