Another EPIC Random Post!

Those who are fans of my random posts that are just lists of things from in my brain rejoice!  This is the type of post that has made you love me…or whatever…

  • I’ve been making this sandwich lately.  Slice of Rye bread – Pastrami – Second slice of bread – Corned Beef – Third slice of bread – Cut it in half and heat it in the microwave for 45 seconds…then put it in your face and thank GOD for the taste sensation.  Also, get some kettle cooked chips as a side.  Do it.
  • I’ve been in and out of three books since Christmas.  I’m hoping to finish one of them tomorrow.
  • I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t too happy with the sound the Feldman Group was getting with the new guy.  Well, it’s gotten better.  We’re still not knocking it out of the park, but it doesn’t feel as noticeable anymore.  Way to go, new guy!
  • I took a bunch of office mail to the post office today, but then realized that I had a bunch more I didn’t grab…so I’ve got to go back tomorrow.  On the one hand, I hate it when I do stuff like that (it’s a little embarrassing), but on the other hand, it’s kind of nice to be able to get out in the air in the middle of a work-day.  I don’t LOOK for reasons to do that or anything, but it’s kind of cool to get to go off-campus and still be absolutely justified in calling it work.  Some people get to do that kind of thing all the time…but I’d imagine that’d get boring.  Much more fun to do it occasionally…feels special somehow.  (Does this sound a little pathetic?  When did I go from dreams of rock-star glory to “it’s nice to go to the post office?”)  🙂
  • I like my brown cowboy boots so much that I’m thinking of buying the same make in black.
  • I still haven’t sent out the new record for replication, but it’s forthcoming.  I’ve had a couple of unexpected expenses this month, so I’ll be sending it out on like the 16th-ish, after I have my next paycheck in the bank (we get paid on the 15th, unless it’s a Saturday or Sunday, then it’s the preceding Friday…which actually happens this month, now that I think of it…so maybe the record gets sent out on the 14th!  🙂
  • I’ve had a couple of sores on the inside of my mouth that have been keeping me awake.  That’s kind of good, since that tends to indicate that I’m getting over being sick (took me FOREVER to kick that cold I got right before the gig on the 17th)…but man, it hurts.  It’s making my teeth hurt.  Some people get cold-sores…I get these…and they drive me nuts.
  • Still haven’t bought the new Springsteen record…gotta get that.
  • I spent a large part of my work day counting change (we hand in our photocopier money monthly).  My hands haven’t felt clean ever since.  What’s the deal with that?  Why does money feel so filthy?  Maybe there’s something symbolic about that…root of all evil and whatnot…
  • I spoke to the friend I mentioned in an earlier post who was asking me to do some music for a student film.  Still not confirmed for it.  He just called with an approximate timeline, should I agree.  I’m leaning toward “yes,” but I’m honestly not sure how much time I’ll have to DO it, if the proposed timeline is set in stone.  Torn…
  • I need to do some laundry…I think I’m out of pants.
  • Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?  (That was mainly for Dave.)
  • I’ve almost got chapter two of “Restless” tidy enough to upload.  Should be this week or the early part of next.
  • I’m putting in some work on both my own and Blue Tattoo’s websites.  Hopefully I’ll have much to show for my work soon.
  • Holy crap!  It’s like 3 a.m.  I should really try to sleep again…assuming my mouth will let me (re: sores).

Hope that was…fun?  …enlightening?  …a post just for the sake of posting, as per usual?  Yeah.  That one.  Let’s use the last one.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • Been listening to Springsteen all day to get me motivated to buy the new record.  Apparently it didn’t quite work.

Superbowl – Slight Detour – Punchline – Footnote

So the Cardinals blew it. I’m kind of okay with that because I don’t like Kurt Warner (not sure why), but still…first time in my lifetime they were even IN the Superbowl (first time in franchise history, I think), it would’ve been kinda cool to see them win it. At least it was a fun-to-watch game.


Most of you know that I’m not really into sports anyway. The Superbowl’s pretty much the only full-length game I watch all year. Even still, my favorite part of the game was BRUUUUUUCE Springsteen and the E Street Band in the halftime show (I’ll be buying the new record this week, btw). Mostly, I just go to the party for the peel-and-eat shrimp (and this year I may have topped my personal best for number consumed). Also there are some folks who show up that I enjoy spending time with. This year was lesser-attended though, mostly because the lawn of the house (where everyone parks) was still snow-covered, and what wasn’t snowy was muddy. I can see why people wouldn’t want to deal with that. (In fact, walking to my car at the end of the night, I slipped on some ice, but got my balance before I hit the ground or lost any significant dignity.)


This last snow-storm really left things weird all over, didn’t it? Even parking lots that are usually TOTALLY fine have been treacherous this week, I think (I’m mostly talking about the grocery store and Best Buy, if you’re curious). I’m thinking that’s why not too many people came out to the Feldman gig on Friday, too. (We were in Wentzville and the snow was still THICK on the grassy areas and some of the concrete, too.) It’s amazing how nature just makes things stop sometimes, isn’t it?


…bet the Cardinals wish there would’ve been a snow storm in the middle of #92’s run into the endzone, huh?


Current Listening:

  • A mix mostly consisting of the Old 97s, Frank Black, and Aimee Mann. Somehow, it works. Can’t explain it.

Current Watching:

  • “House” marathon on USA. (I love “House,” but seriously…how many freaking “House” marathons can USA do? Seems like they have one a week!)