Guinness: Once Again Doing God’s Work

As most who visit this blog (God forbid) are aware, my roots go back to Germany on one side and Ireland/Scotland on the other.  As such, one half of me feels a mixture of joy and shame every March 17th.  Joy because it celebrates my people…shame because they are celebrated by every idiot in America getting drunk and claiming that “Everyone’s Irish today! *vomit*”  (In case you’re confused…March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day.)


St. Patrick, of course, is famous for “driving the snakes out of Ireland.”  Which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know is a metaphor since Ireland is wholly inclement to snakes in the first place.  St. Patrick served as a missionary to Ireland, where he had previously been held captive as a slave.  He ran from his captors, then ran back to evangelize the nation.  He “drove out the snakes” by bringing Christ into the nation and starting a Great Awakening to the faith among the Irish people.


March 17th is supposed to celebrate THAT.


There is a second (valid) reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in America, though…and that is the plight of the Irish laborer in American history.  As we all know (and with all due respect and empathy), in the early days of this country blacks were horribly persecuted and their blood was used to build this nation.  Slightly less mistreated, but still dehumanized were the Irish (and the only reason things weren’t as bad for them was because they could learn to hide the accent). 


The Irish were often treated as indentured servants—a notable step above slavery, but still humiliating and accompanied by regular beatings—and were kept in the margins of society, all the while building America’s buildings, roads, and cleaning up after aristocrats.  Up through even the civil-rights era in America, shop-owners and apartment complexes regularly posted signs (both here and abroad) warning/reassuring possible clientele: “No blacks, No Irish, No Dogs.”


The Irish in America deserve to have a day where they are remembered and celebrated.  If that has to come with beer, then so be it…but why can’t it also come with a day off?


The good people at Guinness, the most widely consumed Irish beer, have been fighting to make St. Patrick’s Day a REAL holiday in America for a few years now.  They once again have their petition up on their website.  If you think the memory of what St. Patrick did and/or if you think the Irish builders of America deserve to be honored properly, please click over and sign.  Let’s take St. Patrick’s back from the drunks…by going to a beer-company’s website…somehow.




Anyway…  Thanks for your time.


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  • Lots of Drive-By Truckers, in preparation for the Rock Show on Thursday!

Random Photos

Forgot to blog today, so I’m just posting some random pictures I found funny and saved to my hard-drive.  None of these are my unique work and are findable elsewhere on the Internet, but in most cases I have no idea where they came from…but a couple have web-addresses embedded, so that’s probably where.  Just thought that disclaimer should be made…


I was going to blog about other stuff, but I don’t feel like writing now.  So…here ya’ go!  🙂





 *For the record, I know some people might be offended by that one, but it made me laugh really hard because the “divided by zero” line is really smart.  Apologies to those who don’t like it.  Keep in mind, I didn’t make it.  🙂





Hope that was…whatever…


In case anyone’s wondering, yes, I am feeling a little better…but you know how sometimes you pull a muscle and it doesn’t really hurt, but does feel a little numb or just kind of like it’s detached from the rest of your body?  Like not so numb that you can’t feel it at all, but just kind of weightless and weird?  That’s exactly how my stomach’s felt all day, especially around my belly-button…which actually has happened before when I was having some serous back-pain that just reached around front as well.  So maybe I threw out my back while I was writhing in pain on Tuesday morning, but I’m only feeling it in my bellybutton area?


Meh…whatever…I’ll live…or not…  It’s cool.


I’ll try to be more focused in my posting tomorrow.

Fink Beats the Stomach

I’ve been sick for a couple of days.  Well…since yesterday, anyway, and it’s bleeding over into today.  I woke up around 6 a.m. on Tuesday and felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach.  It hurt so much I thought I might have to go to the emergency room…but I didn’t.  The pain stopped, but my stomach’s still really uneasy.  I went in to work today (and I’m taking a SHORT break to write this), but the drive in made me queasy.  Plus, we’re right above the Cafeteria and the food-smells are making me sick.  (We have an excellent Cafeteria.  Please don’t misread what I’m saying there.  It could be the finest cooking the world has to offer, but it’d still make me queasy today.)  I’m probably going to leave early if this keeps up.  I did eat a little last night, though.  I had a sandwich and a tangerine.  Both seemed mild and safe.  Didn’t seem to make me any sicker, so I guess that’s good.


It seems like I’m always either sick or exhausted, doesn’t it?  I even normally LIKE Wednesdays (unlike most of the office-world).  Today’s really dragging, though.  I’ve been here a little less than two-hours and it feels like it’s been six.  I can’t focus long enough to accomplish anything — which is part of why I’m blogging right now, since that doesn’t require any focus other than the train of thought I have at the time.  I’m just already ready for today to be over.


Fortunately, though, the students who’ve been in here today have been really nice, and one or two of them even made me smile — a tough effort on a day like today.  So, y’know…there’s that.  Occasionally the perks of working here catch up with me and make even a miserable day kind of good.


Anyway…the five-minute break I gave myself is up, so I’m going to stop writing.  Back to the grind.  Just needed to go somewhere and whine, and I prefer to do that in print for some reason.  🙂


(The title of this post is a reference to the movie “Meatballs” by the way.)

Penn Says

This is Penn Jillette of comedy/magic duo Penn and Teller fame.  A number of you have probably seen it…but maybe someone hasn’t.  He’s talking about meeting someone who apparently made an impact on him.  It’s kind of an important reminder and a really interesting watch.  Check it out.  It’s only like 5 minutes. 



If you think of it, you might say a small prayer for Penn…and not just the shallow “please change his heart blahblahblah” thing (though that’s absolutely wonderful).  You might also pray for his physical well-being, his ability to keep doing what he does, and for his continued happiness and/or success.  The felt-needs sometimes outweigh the theological ones, and we should want him to be happy as well as saved.  (Plus, I tend to think that entertainers are doing God’s work, even if they don’t believe in him.  As such, I’d like to see him keep going.)


You might also try saying a prayer (and/or giving a crap) about the people in your life that you’ve never even spoken the name of Christ to, much less proselytized.  Just food for thought.  We can all pray for Penn Jillette…but how about our neighbors, too?


…huh…I actually wrote a Christian blog post.  Whodathunkit?


I also blogged twice in one day…but I’ve done that before.  🙂

Yes, I DO Still Have “Hope”

I spoke to someone recently who knows how hard I campaigned for President Obama during the election.  He asked me why he hadn’t heard me saying anything about him since.  Of course, he meant this in the ultra-Conservative, “He’s not so great after all,” accusatory way.  But that’s not it.  My answer to him is the same as it is to you…  When he does something I don’t agree with, you’ll hear about it.  When he signs legislation that I think is unfair to small businesses…  When he mistreats the poor…  When he lives in the pocket of big oil…  When he compromises the Constitution in the name of “patriotism…”  When he…oh wait…  That was the last guy.  My bad.  I keep forgetting.


So far, President Obama’s doing pretty well, I think.  I like his economic stimulus package.  I’ve read at least the bulk of his proposal (though I’m sure I’m a little behind on the revisions).  I like the fact that he came out against big-business, saying that if they want a “bailout,” then they could have it, but they were also getting a salary cap.  (I’ve heard loudmouth idiots — like myself, but for the other side — say that he doesn’t care that he’s hurting big business.  I don’t care either.  If a salary cap of $500 million is “hurting” you, I have absolutely no sympathy.)  I like what he’s mapped out so far for Amer-Iraq-a.  I like that he’s closing Gitmo.  I like what he’s done so far, and I like his road map.  I also like that he’s pretty much disclosing everything at


I’m not disappointed with my vote.  I don’t think he’s done anything bad yet.  I didn’t expect change overnight and I’m not shocked that he hasn’t been able to magically pull the remnant of the USA out of the ditch where Bush tied it up, gagged it, and left it bleeding yet.  He’s been in for like a month.  Give it time.


…but it was pretty funny when he tried to enter the White House through that window.


Random hostility:

  • Come on!  Why won’t you stop buzzing, pedal-board???  You weren’t sounding like this LAST week.  Now I add one thing and you’re buzzing and humming.  Then I take that thing out, and you’re STILL DOING IT!!!  Don’t make me set you on fire!  I hate doing that!  It burns my hands and gets smoke in my eyes!  ARRRRRGH!!!