Derek V. Awesome TV Show

Okay…so Man V. Food aired from St. Louis tonight.  If you’re not a fan of the show, let me sum it up.  This guy (Adam Richman) goes to different towns and eats a crap-load of food.  He usually enters into some sort of eating challenge, wherein he might consume the world’s largest pizza, the world’s hottest stuffed pepper, a desk-drawer of pudding, a suitcase of yams…what have you.  It’s awesome. 


My brother got me into the show by showing me an episode where he ate all but two bites of a 12-egg omelet after having had a ton of seafood (which looked freaking amazing).  Dave wants to become the guy’s assistant.  I think we should have found out the whens-and-wheres of the taping in STL, followed him from place to place and eaten whatever he ate, but faster.  In short, I want to support and join in on my brother’s quest to become the world’s fattest man.  I haven’t always been on board with all of his prior career/personal moves…but that one, I could support with bells on.  Seriously.  I’d buy the bells.


On the show tonight, Adam showed off Pappy’s grill, which is new as of 2008.  It looks freaking delicious, and I’m thinking of putting in for a week’s vacation and staying at the nearest hotel in walking distance to it.  He then went to the Crown Candy Kitchen (kind of famous place) and took their 5-milkshake challenge (“I drink your milkshake!”).  Essentially, he had to drink 5 full-sized milkshakes (which ends up filling 15 regular-sized glasses).  He got close, but lost his dignity and 20 pounds when he threw up.  Personally, I think it was the flavors he chose that did him in…I mean Coffee AND Egg Nog?  Death in a glass, my (surprisingly not that fat) friend.


So…anyway…that was awesome to watch.  I’m gonna get me some of that BBQ…but the milkshakes can get by without me, I think.  I like chocolate ones, but I don’t really want to drink 15 of them in a row, y’know?  I think I *might* be able to do that…but who wants to?  Now, if we’re talking about eating a vat of crab legs or something like that, I’m in (my personal best, there, is 10 plates with an average of 4-5 sets of legs per plate at a buffet).  Or if they want to send me to Pappy’s and serve me up the “Adam Bomb” (named for Richman on tonight’s show!), I’m all over it.  (I’ll totally take on a quarter chicken, 6 pounds of meat, four sides, and a Frito Pie with a Red Hot in it for dessert.  Bring it.)  But milkshakes?  Too cold and too creamy for a contest.  But it was fun watching Adam do it.  🙂


I’m sure Dave will blog about it, too.  Adam Richman’s kind of his hero.  So keep an eye out for that on Dave’s blog, I’d assume.  🙂


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