Stuff I’ll Get To…

Here’s the list of stuff I’ve recently ordered (or that I’ve got sitting around) that I’ll need to get around to watching or reading sooner or later:


  1. Duckman Seasons 3-4 — Duckman is an old (kind of bawdy) cartoon starring Jason Alexander as the voice of the main character.  It made me laugh in the 90s and still makes me laugh today.  Bought seasons 1-2 when they came out and just ordered 3-4.  Looking forward to that!
  2. Roddy Doyle – “O Play That Thing!” — Doyle’s follow-up to his book “A Star Called Henry,” which I liked a lot.  I started reading this book at the same time that I was reading another book of his called “Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha,” but I started getting the stories confused, so I stuck with “Paddy.”  I went back to “O Play” about a week ago, but couldn’t remember what had happened up to the point of the bookmark, so I need to start over.  Heh.
  3. Batman RIP — This comic is supposedly the death of Batman for the foreseeable future (but, of course, it’s virtually guaranteed that he’ll be back).  I read the first half (“Black Glove”) a couple of months ago, and the second half (where he actually dies) just recently came out.  It’s on its way.  Probably top of my “to read” list at the moment, after a brief re-skim of the story so far.
  4. Jeff Smith – “Bone: Crown of Horns” — The final installment of Jeff Smith’s masterwork comic.  I’ve already read it (in black and white), but Scholastic re-released all of the series in bold, beautiful colour.  More than anything else, I’m just flipping through them and enjoying the upgrade…but to be honest, some of the story works better in black and white for me.  Nonetheless, I’ve been enjoying the new texture.  It’s almost like a different read of the same story.  They did a really good job with it.
  5. Jeff Smith – “RASL Vol. 1: The Drift” — Smith’s follow-up comic to Bone.  It’s more adult-geared.  Only comes out like three times per year, so “The Drift” combines issues 1-3 into one volume.  Apparently he’s only doing nine issues of it, so the end of the thing will take another two years until it’s in my hands…but whatever…the guy’s a genius, and I’m really looking forward to reading this one.
  6. “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” — Kevin Smith’s most recent offering.  I’m guessing it’s not going to be my favorite of his flicks.  Looks like pure fodder and just a further excuse to celebrate the fat-version of Seth Rogan…which is okay by me, don’t get me wrong…but I’m hoping for something a little less surface-level-trashy out of whatever his next project is…  I mean, this might be a great flick, and I might laugh a lot…but when you have to put the word “Porno” in your title to sell your movie, you’ve already told me a lot (and from ticket-sales, it looks like a lot of America agreed with me during the movie’s theatre-run).  Hoping for something “Animal House” ish…but expecting a sexier “Weekend at Bernies.”  No offense Kev/Askew fans.  If I see it and end up loving it, I’ll recant this post later as is my habit when I’m wrong about something on this blog.
  7. Futurama – “Into the Wild Green Yonder” — The final of the new Futurama movies.  Hopefully not the end of the franchise though.  I’m hoping they’ll strike a deal for more movies or perhaps a new run of the series.  The movies have been GOLD in my opinion (though the best one was the first one and the third one was super-weird…I’ve really enjoyed all three).
  8. “Flight of the Concords” season one — I keep hearing about how much I’ll love this show, but I’ve never caught it when it’s on.  My friend Chris (also the other guitarist in the soon-to-be-legendary and ALREADY awesome Blue Tattoo) told me he’ll let me borrow season one.  Pity is he’ll be out of town next week, so it’ll have to wait until he’s back.  But that’s cool.
  9. Also, LOST is on tonight.  🙂

So…busy days ahead!  Well…busy by the standard of wasting time after work, anyway…


Current Listening:

  • New Blue Tattoo Demos.  What can I say?  I’m a big fan of my own stuff.

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