Weekend Report

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days.  Kind of had a busy weekend and I’ve been resting up.


Had a really good gig with the Feldman Group, which is almost unprecedented, ha ha.  Big room, packed with people applauding at the right times, dancing, and singing along.  Kind of a nice change of pace.


Otherwise, I’ve been demoing my butt off for Blue Tattoo.  I’ve got seven of about 11-12 songs down.  One of them took a really long time.  Kept screwing it up…but it’s one of my favorites.  One of Dave’s, interestingly enough.  I’d actually forgotten I had it, but found it and recorded it.  I’m hoping the guys like the new stuff as much as I do…cause, y’know…I’m taking a break from solo records, so I really have nowhere to put this stuff if they reject it.  🙂


I’ve gotten some decent sleep this weekend, as well.  Well…except tonight.  Tonight, I’m waiting for my laundry to finish.  It should be done around 2 a.m.  I don’t know what possesses me to start my laundry so late.  Probably just my lazy ways…and the Oscars, of course…


And as for that…


I dug the fact that Heath Ledger was given the Oscar he’d have deserved even if he’d lived.  That was good to see, and honestly, I didn’t even expect it for some reason.  I kind of wanted Rourke to win for “The Wrestler,” though I see why they went with Penn.  I liked Penn’s acceptance speech more than I probably would’ve liked Rourke’s anyway (I liked the message he delivered, even if I am a little shaky on agreement — albeit only a little shaky)…but still, it would’ve been cool to see Mickey take home the gold.  Instead, it’s more likely to see him show up at Wrestlemania now…but whatever…  Also, I’m officially tired of Kate Winslet (sp?).


I had a bunch of stuff I was going to get done this weekend but that I put off.  Hopefully I’ll get up the motivation to get all that stuff done during the week.  Who can say?  For now, I’m just going to wait out the laundry…


Blog ya’ later.

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