Random Photos

Forgot to blog today, so I’m just posting some random pictures I found funny and saved to my hard-drive.  None of these are my unique work and are findable elsewhere on the Internet, but in most cases I have no idea where they came from…but a couple have web-addresses embedded, so that’s probably where.  Just thought that disclaimer should be made…


I was going to blog about other stuff, but I don’t feel like writing now.  So…here ya’ go!  🙂





 *For the record, I know some people might be offended by that one, but it made me laugh really hard because the “divided by zero” line is really smart.  Apologies to those who don’t like it.  Keep in mind, I didn’t make it.  🙂





Hope that was…whatever…


In case anyone’s wondering, yes, I am feeling a little better…but you know how sometimes you pull a muscle and it doesn’t really hurt, but does feel a little numb or just kind of like it’s detached from the rest of your body?  Like not so numb that you can’t feel it at all, but just kind of weightless and weird?  That’s exactly how my stomach’s felt all day, especially around my belly-button…which actually has happened before when I was having some serous back-pain that just reached around front as well.  So maybe I threw out my back while I was writhing in pain on Tuesday morning, but I’m only feeling it in my bellybutton area?


Meh…whatever…I’ll live…or not…  It’s cool.


I’ll try to be more focused in my posting tomorrow.