Yes, I DO Still Have “Hope”

I spoke to someone recently who knows how hard I campaigned for President Obama during the election.  He asked me why he hadn’t heard me saying anything about him since.  Of course, he meant this in the ultra-Conservative, “He’s not so great after all,” accusatory way.  But that’s not it.  My answer to him is the same as it is to you…  When he does something I don’t agree with, you’ll hear about it.  When he signs legislation that I think is unfair to small businesses…  When he mistreats the poor…  When he lives in the pocket of big oil…  When he compromises the Constitution in the name of “patriotism…”  When he…oh wait…  That was the last guy.  My bad.  I keep forgetting.


So far, President Obama’s doing pretty well, I think.  I like his economic stimulus package.  I’ve read at least the bulk of his proposal (though I’m sure I’m a little behind on the revisions).  I like the fact that he came out against big-business, saying that if they want a “bailout,” then they could have it, but they were also getting a salary cap.  (I’ve heard loudmouth idiots — like myself, but for the other side — say that he doesn’t care that he’s hurting big business.  I don’t care either.  If a salary cap of $500 million is “hurting” you, I have absolutely no sympathy.)  I like what he’s mapped out so far for Amer-Iraq-a.  I like that he’s closing Gitmo.  I like what he’s done so far, and I like his road map.  I also like that he’s pretty much disclosing everything at


I’m not disappointed with my vote.  I don’t think he’s done anything bad yet.  I didn’t expect change overnight and I’m not shocked that he hasn’t been able to magically pull the remnant of the USA out of the ditch where Bush tied it up, gagged it, and left it bleeding yet.  He’s been in for like a month.  Give it time.


…but it was pretty funny when he tried to enter the White House through that window.


Random hostility:

  • Come on!  Why won’t you stop buzzing, pedal-board???  You weren’t sounding like this LAST week.  Now I add one thing and you’re buzzing and humming.  Then I take that thing out, and you’re STILL DOING IT!!!  Don’t make me set you on fire!  I hate doing that!  It burns my hands and gets smoke in my eyes!  ARRRRRGH!!!

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