Penn Says

This is Penn Jillette of comedy/magic duo Penn and Teller fame.  A number of you have probably seen it…but maybe someone hasn’t.  He’s talking about meeting someone who apparently made an impact on him.  It’s kind of an important reminder and a really interesting watch.  Check it out.  It’s only like 5 minutes. 



If you think of it, you might say a small prayer for Penn…and not just the shallow “please change his heart blahblahblah” thing (though that’s absolutely wonderful).  You might also pray for his physical well-being, his ability to keep doing what he does, and for his continued happiness and/or success.  The felt-needs sometimes outweigh the theological ones, and we should want him to be happy as well as saved.  (Plus, I tend to think that entertainers are doing God’s work, even if they don’t believe in him.  As such, I’d like to see him keep going.)


You might also try saying a prayer (and/or giving a crap) about the people in your life that you’ve never even spoken the name of Christ to, much less proselytized.  Just food for thought.  We can all pray for Penn Jillette…but how about our neighbors, too?


…huh…I actually wrote a Christian blog post.  Whodathunkit?


I also blogged twice in one day…but I’ve done that before.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Penn Says”

  1. That was really interesting. I’ve never seen it. What was the setting he shared this in – was it originally on their website, a TV show, Penn & Teller podcast or something like that?

    Thanks for posting that.

  2. Penn’s got a vlog here:

    He posts mostly hostility, occasional deep thoughts, rants on people and things he doesn’t like…a lot like most people’s blogs, lol. It’s usually an interesting watch, though I don’t keep up often. A friend sent me that YouTube link that I posted. I think it grew out of a segment Penn and Teller used to do on their cable show, though.

  3. just checked out the new Looks good! Although I’m kinda bummed. I saw MF in a picture holding a Taylor T5. It just doesn’t look as good in his hand as mine does in my hands. But now I feel like my guitar is a old man’s guitar. j/k

    Anyway, nice site and let me know when I can purchase the new album

  4. Thank you sir!

    For the record, Feldman buys every new gadget that comes out. He bought TWO of those Taylors, one to practice on and one to gig with. (The one he practices on had some significant paint damage, so he got it for ridiculously cheap.)

    I don’t quite have a target-date for release on the record. Depends on how quickly the company replicating them gets them done. 🙂 Believe me, I’ll be pimping that thing like a whore on Christmas once I have it in my hands.

    …wow…what an inappropriate metaphor.

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